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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ask Mama Tao

Rhododendron Mistyton has a question for Mama Tao.

Everyone knows that tribes, unsullied by evil western influences, are the most natural of natural and we should try to emulate them so we can be the naturalest we can. I'm still nursing my s...on and found out I'm pregnant again. I thought, looking to Paraguayan Ache tribe for inspiration, that I would have to kill my newborn to avoid interrupting my nursing relationship, but my husband prefers the Kenyan Gussii method of weaning our son by slapping him whenever he wants to nurse. How do we decide which is more natural?
I have to admit you had me somewhat baffled here, Rhododendron--until that is, I took a closer look at what you were asking. It seems to me, the real question is not "which is more natural?" but which culture has the best practice that fits my family?
It seems to me, and to many other Mamas as well, that as long as you are using the cultural rituals of any culture outside of ours, any and all practices will be allowed.
To sugest a few more to you, perhaps consider the Mbubaba tribe, who believes that children are best weaned by being placed far away from the family camp site and forced to crawl back several times until they are so starved they will take any food offered to them.
The Hightys of Central Asia have  a practice that involves cutting the nipples off of the mother to reduce temptation. This, however might not work for you becasue you are wanting to nurse again.
Take you time in picking a culture to rape--this choice is not an easy one for us to make. Best of luck!


  1. Littlest Bird in the TreeMarch 14, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    I am 7\89ths Highty, how dare you insult my culture ?

    We do NOT cut off the nipple, we merely cut small wounds into it and coat the baby's lips with salt as a gently dissuade.

  2. I certianly didn't mean to offend you bird, but are you sure that is not the "western" virsion of the rite?

  3. Littlest Bird in the TreeMarch 14, 2011 at 3:44 PM

    Being 7\89ths Highty I think it's only logical that I'd instinctively know what wasn't genuine.

    It's definatly salt.

    Or chilli seed.

    One of those anyway.