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Thursday, March 17, 2011

You CAN HAve Your Placenta and Eat It Too!

I asked, adn you readers answered--Given the popularity of Lotus birth and eating The Palcenta, Mama Tao asked for Methods of doing both. I got several good answers and wanted to shar with you!

The Uber uscholer said:

We found that the generous use of curry pastes, once the umbilical cord had rotted off, meant we could stick to the family ethos of "waste nothing, not even waste".

Crunchmaster Flash says:

After Basmati's birth, we cut the centre out of the placenta and made placenta doughnuts holes. The imagery of the doughnut hole negates the hole that you cut in the placenta, so that your baby can still enjoy the benefits of the whole thing, even though part of it is gone. That's the power of the educated mind!

And Mother X posted this. All the other mothers noticed how unnatural it was, so I am just posting it here so you all can make fun of her and call her a fake NATURE lover!

I have a perfect solution after I had Crescendo. Well as you know it was a snow-birth, so it was january. Well my MIL had given us this Ronco Food Dehydrator that she had bought from QVC. She's a hoarder and I actually saw it in her basement a few years ago, which is another post, but anyway... So I covered his placenta with herbs and salt and then when it fell off it still had that earthy aroma. So i just put it in the Ronco!! I've frozen some of the jerky I made for gifts next year (of course we ate a lot too)



  1. I cannot believe I am reading this shit. You people should not be raising children.

    Hell I'm not sure I'd trust any of you with a hamster even.

  2. Oh, Anonymous. I'm so sad for you that you haven't realized how much natural childbirth and ingesting your placenta can do for you. I just hope you find the time to get educated about what is best for your baby.
    It sounds like you may need some Walnut Oil to help you with anger over transitions.

  3. Hallowed be my VaginaMarch 18, 2011 at 5:55 PM

    You shouldn't eat walnut oil, eat not what you cannot press out of the sacred fruits with your bare hands.

    Implements are NOT natural.

  4. Such beautiful placenta-eating stories. Thanks for sharing! (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))