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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mama Tao Has a Question!

Ok dear Readers and Sisters: Mama Tao has a question for you. Many people have been asking me this question in reguards to Lotus Birth and eating the Placenta. While both methods are totally legit and important to raising a baby, there seems to be no way to do them both!
My question to you is : Can you have your Placenta and Eat it too?

Please answer in the comment section and I'll post the best one!!

If you don't know what lotus bith is please read here:


  1. We found that the generous use of curry pastes, once the umbilical cord had rotted off, meant we could stick to the family ethos of "waste nothing, not even waste".

    The fear of eating something repulsive and spoiled is worse than the experience of eating something repulsive and soiled itself.

    If you get ill, you just didn't trust enough, you let all that social conditioning in to dictate your internal organs reaction, so let that be a valuable lesson to you in the future, Trust More, Think Less.

    Trust the placenta, trust your body to know the difference between spoiled meat from the slaughterhouses of death and that which is a gift for the mother in celebration of her honorable birth.

    Real Women have their placenta and eat it too.

    This happens in the animal kingdom all the time, you often observe several species save the placenta for ceremonial reasons before consuming it. It's perfectly natural. And naturally it is perfect.

  2. I have a perfect solution after I had Crescendo. Well as you know it was a snow-birth, so it was january. Well my MIL had given us this Ronco Food Dehydrator that she had bought from QVC. She's a hoarder and I actually saw it in her basement a few years ago, which is another post, but anyway... So I covered his placenta with herbs and salt and then when it fell off it still had that earthy aroma. So i just put it in the Ronco!! I've frozen some of the jerky I made for gifts next year (of course we ate a lot too)

  3. I love the name you blessed your child with ! How very joyful and I am sure it will help him follow his bliss, if not your nieghbours.

    However I have to say I cannot countenance the use of technology and electricity defiling the natural and spiritual process of lotus birth and placenta consumption.

    Your post made me feel very sorry for you.

    And your children.

    If you can't love the placenta they gave you enough not to blaspheme it with a carbon footprint, then how can you love them enough not to scar them beyond all hope ?

    I could cry for your poor damaged children sullied with the electrical current electons that pollute their home enviroment.

  4. Crunchmaster FlashMarch 13, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    I agree with unschooler. Dehydrators are well known to emit ions and theta particles that embed into the food and then they attack your mortal soul when you eat them and also cause osteoporosis and gangrene. They are so bad that even positive thoughts do not stop them! I really fear for the future you have set up for yourself and your children even having that thing in your home, or any home you have ever been in. Ever.

    After Basmati's birth, we cut the centre out of the placenta and made placenta doughnuts holes. The imagery of the doughnut hole negates the hole that you cut in the placenta, so that your baby can still enjoy the benefits of the whole thing, even though part of it is gone. That's the power of the educated mind!

  5. What a fantastic idea Crunchmaster! And I had no idea about the theta waves! Perhaps you could write a guest blog about it for us?

  6. Chop the placenta in half: eat one half, let the other rot off? How about letting it rot off and then eating it? Yummy!

  7. I'm confused by your question. Every naturally oriented mother knows that you should eat the placenta raw for the highest enzyme levels, and to promote good gut flora. Seasoning it, sauteeing and even making a smoothie is for candy- assess. It also violates the vital chi. What you do (sheesh! I can't believe I even have to explain this) is cut small pieces off several times each day while it ferments slowly off the baby (the fermentation is extra good for you) and snack on them. Breastfeeding moms need small frequent meals, and since you can't leave the baby nest during your babymoon this method will allow you to keep your blood sugar up throughout the day.