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Monday, March 28, 2011

Manifesto of the Masked Mama; or, A Call to Impose Natural Living on the World, Whether They Know What’s Good for them Or Not

Mama Tao has received the following mysterious and epic Manifesto, anonymously, in her inbox. Who is this Masked Mama?  Stay tuned to this blog, and with any luck The Masked Mama will make her presence further known in the future!

I sing of Revolution and the Mama.
I call upon the Muse of Natural Living.
I tell the tale of The Masked Mama.

The Masked Mama dreams of Other Real Mamas rising up and taking arms against the epitome of all that is evil: mainstream parenting.

She strives for forceful intervention in all things Unnatural, in order to prevent:
* unnatural extractions interfering with and ruining normal birth
* the toxification of infants via formula “feeding”
* the imposition of plastic on childhood
* the conspiracy of “vaccination”
* the damage of “standard education”
* And, above all, for the tyranny of “expertise” over Evidence- Based care and Mama Experience

She offers herself, humbly, as a beacon of light for other Real Mamas to follow in their quest.  
By her deeds shall you know her. 

She shall be a Moses to the Mama, leading her people to the Promised Land of Natural Living. 
She shall be a Harriet Tubman to those enslaved by falsehoods, following the North Star to the Freedom promised by Natural Living. 
She shall be as Ghandi to the masses, a harbinger of peace and justice, imposed by the sword of her own righteousness.

I sing of Revolution and the Mama. 


The Masked Mama.  Spreading Sanctimony, Vitriol, and Intolerance, One Intervention at a Time.


  1. What a strange message, followers! What does the Masked Mama want with us? Perhaps she is using us to restore NATURE to the human race. I, for one, am totally willing to back this totally creepy and unknow stranger! Lead me Masked Mama! Take me where you need me to be.

  2. I think she wants us to PROTEST !!

    (hauls placard out of storage from last week)

  3. FreeThinkingPoliceMarch 29, 2011 at 6:45 AM

    We are REVOLTING, masked mama !!

  4. How very mysterious !!

    this is a call to arms against the 12 families that collude to keep hospital births the norm !!

  5. As a vegan I object to the bacon of light.

    I will be requiring a tofu one for the sake of eaty inclusion.

  6. It has some disturbing religous overtones, I don't do dogma baby, believe in each person following their own internal code.

  7. I think she means we have to stop being so quiet about our own choices and so accepting of other people's wrong choices. She could be right, I mean nobody has even heard of us unschooly, unvaxy, boob juicers !! It's like we don't exisit !!!

  8. I'm very excited about this, does she have a sticker ? I'll put them on our (very eco) cars.

  9. Eflin, a Tofu of Light will be provided for you and... That other one that waits for fruit to fall off the vine.

    Where shall we revolt ladies?

  10. I want to be ((((((((((((her))))))))))))

  11. YES ! The SWORD !!!

  12. OMG she is so right !! Plastic is like the worst afflication a childhood can suffer !!!

    I burn any plastic toys my kids get gifted as a PROTEST against the rape of Mother Earth !!!