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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just What Africa Needs??

We have a bit of a problem here dear readers. As it turns out the CentreVita Birth Center (you already said that in your title) of Austin, is hosting a fund raiser to raise money to send more Medwives and medical care to Africa.
Let’s start from the start shall we? Africa was once a great continent that was the center of civilization, until the evil British and Belganeese appeared and screwed up their NATURAL culture and economic system. As a result, the people of Africa (Which is a continent, NOT a country by itself) were left poor and undereducated. The one thing they did have going for them was a well learned, indigenous system of Witch Doctors and Midwitches who know how to let NATURE take its course.
If these MEDwives have their way, the last remaining bits of a millions year old society will crumble under the final wave of UNNATURAL interventions. Women in Africa’s many nations will be forced into hospitals by an overeducated horde that descends upon them like a plague of menstruating locusts!
How do I know this? As it turns out, Faith Beltz, one of the MEDwives who works at this centre (Center for those of us who speak AMERICAN ENGLISH and don’t run around trying to be a fancy pants!)….where was I?

One of these MEDwives has a record (of failure to transfer) that only contains one dead child--who would have been saved if medical intervention had occurred….??!! Only one dead baby that might have made it means something here, sisters. It means that this woman interferes with NATURE. It means that this OB-like woman must be overly trained to do her job and will bring nothing but C-sections and the cascade of interventions ™ to Africa. And if she does it, if she lets one baby live during a homebirth by taking them to the hospital, she will pollute the birthing world and bring a hex of interventions down on us ALL!!
I call to you now Sisters, Mothers, Daughters! Rise up and save the women of Africa from the pitfalls of UNNATURE! If we allow this to happen, next they will be trying to introduce MEDwifery to Eurasia!! It will not stand, sisters!  IT WILL NOT STAND!


  1. Is it not enough for them that the women of Europe and North America and ...other bits of the world are already medicalised out of a natural birth just by their geography ??11??

    Why on earth would they wish to spread this pox of interference further afield ?

  2. I personally would not consider a midwife unless she had a brace of dead babies under her belt.

    Anything less smacks of being to quick on the draw to me and I'm not being dragged to hospital for an unessasairan birth rape just to make sure some medical professional doesn't miss out on her "world music" festival thanks to my long labour.

  3. Disgusting !! Have medical professionals not done enough damage in your own continent with your slicing, dicing, instruments, drugs and unnaturalness !!!

    We here are ALREADY more likely to die than our mothers in childbirth thanks to these medical professionals, is this to be the fate of African women too ?

  4. Mark my words, this is yet one more example of the arrogant west experimenting on indigenous people to see which of their unnatural methods fail, with no risk of being sued. If you don't have clean water, you are a even less likely to have access to a lawyer than the poorest of western women.

    And the police there can be bribed with so little I've heard.

    I dread to think what interventions will befall these poor women.

  5. How can they do this ?

    Has Africa not suffered from Western Empire building enough without exporting the Cascade of Interventions as well ?

    I want to know how many of her clients ended up being transported to hospital, I bet it is a hugely high number.

    I personally think the emergency transport rate of midwives should be kept at a 10% MAXIMUM, any more than that is excessive.

    Any higher and the midwife should be investigated cos they could be trying to earn as much as possible with as little as possible work. I mean if somebody is making money (in a non salaried fashion) from from birth you can't really trust them to put the laboring woman before their pay check potential.

  6. I agree with all of you! It's disgusting! These womyn clearly are going to get nothing but birth raped instead of having to come to terms with the dead children that should come from a proper midwitch!

  7. Great !! That is a big help, American women going to Africa to STEAL THEIR JOBS !!!

    I bet they have midwives of their own (very natural ones) who will now be out of work as the seductive PR of the Great Western Medicine Woman goes into action.

  8. Ten to One, Big Pharma is behind this, just another way to try and flog their wares to Africa.

    Dressing up sales reps as proper medical professionals and getting them to sell the cascade of interventions.

  9. All I can say is they don't call it The BUSINESS of Being Born for Nothing.

  10. We should send no one--and mid-nap the midwitches so they are forced to learn to UC proper like!

  11. That's right! How dare we deny these women fistulas if that is nature's plan??

  12. Amen Syan! Fistulas are natures way of cleansing your yoni 7-9 times a day!

  13. DontLikePuttingPlasticInMyYoniMarch 30, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    The worst threats to our health are our culture and the damaging behaviors and attitudes it teaches us. Why would we want to spread our disgusting Western culture to Africa, where women are still able to birth unfettered and free as they were designed to? Next we will be trying to get them to sit on toilets instead of squatting over a hole in the ground, and they'll have rampant colon cancer just like Westerners. We shouldn't be spreading birth fear to an untainted culture!

  14. Hey Girls!! We have almost 15,000 views in JUST TWO WEEKS!!! Sooooooooooo many people are reading this blog! I sure hope the Medwives see it too!

  15. Some babies decide to die because they know their existence in the womb alone fulfilled their purpose in our lives. When these meddlewives tamper with the very balance of nature, sometimes a baby that had decided to die will have to live out his or her life without a purpose. I believe that those babies grow into adults like Hitler and Stalin, without fulfilling their destinies they become soulless and evil. Or maybe just Republicans, but you can see what I'm saying.

  16. Vaginismus! I so agree! What a deep thought. And the LAST thing Africa needs is a Hitler!!

  17. I just feel like there are so many unjust things with the world that slip under our radar. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

  18. You really should not interfere with the beauty of the natural birthing process. Dead babies get to go right to heaven and be angels. You're cruel to deprive mothers of their beautiful process of creating naturally born angels and forcing kids to stay on the planet when maybe THEY JUST DON'T WANT TO!!!!!

  19. A Friend of Faith BeltzMarch 31, 2011 at 1:05 AM

    You are so WRONG !!

    She just wants to help and for your information if is BECAUSE of that single dead baby that she is leaving, it is a kind of penance for her, she knows she made a huge mistake and wants to make it right by giving something back.

    Why can't you support that ?

  20. OMG NO !!Faith is so not paid by Big Pharma !!! She would do anything to avoid intervention and is more than willing to take enormous risk with the baby to keep things natural for the mama.

    African women are so not going to be hurt by her coming to practise midwiffery on them

  21. You don't know Faith, she NEEDS this. You don't know how much she has suffered since that baby went and died on her. She is in WAY more pain than the family, they lost a baby, but she had her whole professionality as a midwife and her intelligence as a human being put under the microscope. Think how that feels for a minute !

    Going to Africa means getting away from that pain and will heal her wounds by having people be GRATEFUL for her again instead of all suspicious and judgmental.

    You should support this, as one woman to another should we not help another female do what she needs to get over her personal tragedy ? Shit happens, babies die, does she not deserve the chance to do what it takes to get her emotional pain cured ?

  22. "She just wants to help and for your information if is BECAUSE of that single dead baby that she is leaving, it is a kind of penance for her, she knows she made a huge mistake and wants to make it right by giving something back."

    Err no, it was SO not her fualt !! Could have happened to anybody !!! Most time even really high fevers in labour like that case are nothing that can't be cured with a little garlic in the vagaina, how was she supposed to know that real medical help was needed ?

  23. "She would do anything to avoid intervention"

    Yeah lol ONCE :P

    @CopyBoy!! A thousand kisses upon your man feets!!

  24. ihearditfromthegnomesMarch 31, 2011 at 6:15 AM

    These African sisters need to be taught to BELIEVE in the POWER of their bodies! It is up to US to make sure that they don't give their bodies over to THE MAN! OR the WHITE COATS or the KNIVES or the DRUGS! Maybe we can all bring pictures to share of our homebirths. I let all of my children come into my birthing pool and they loved the blood red color of the water. It was sooooo magical!

  25. pentaclepriestessMarch 31, 2011 at 6:18 AM

    Faith is a cutting edge midwife! She realized that going to Africa will be an excellent way to build some karma and participate in the circle of life. Where better to do that than the pridelands?

  26. Sancta Mona JonesMarch 31, 2011 at 6:35 AM

    "Err no, it was SO not her fualt !! Could have happened to anybody !!! Most time even really high fevers in labour like that case are nothing that can't be cured with a little garlic in the vagaina, how was she supposed to know that real medical help was needed ?"

    Uhhh, I don't want to sound judgy, but medical help is NEVER needed. What kind of forum do you think this is?

  27. pentaclepriestessMarch 31, 2011 at 8:53 AM

    Garlic in my yoni has prepared the way for the births of my babies many a time. I believe that it was the essence of the garlic that warded off bad vibes that could have hindered my surges and it's goodness that kept me rooted in believing in myself--that I could DO IT!