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Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Say NO to Name Rape. The Unnamer Manifesto

By Tyffinneigh Lipschitz-Jones

It's an absolute tragedy and disgrace that so many of the world's babies have fallen victim to name rape! Parents, when you violently thrust a name onto your newborn baby instead of letting than baby choose her own name, you have STOLEN your baby's sense of identity and self worth!

Children who have been name-raped are saddled for life with unrealistic and stressful expectations of living up to a name they didn't even want! This leads to bed-wetting and crack addiction later in life.

And Mamas, are you really so gullible to think that your babies really need a name right away? Just because some male civil servant says he needs to make a birth certificate for "Big Government?" Don't let anyone bully you into giving your baby a name when what you should be doing is letting the name come naturally, when the baby says it's time. Babies know.

That's why this mama is a proud unnamer. What is unnaming? Trying to describe unnaming to someone who was name-raped is like trying to describe a pineapple to someone who is allergic to spiky fruits. The philosophy behind unnaming is to let your baby choose her own name. When the baby is born, simply go about your usual routine of breastfeeding on demand, round-the-clock baby wearing and co-sleeping, and soon you will develop a telepathic bond with your LO that will allow her to communicate using her own unique voice the name she has chosen for herself.

It's the natural way, ladies. Our ancestors didn't go around harshly screaming out a name the instant the baby was born, did they? Of course not. Why have we let this unnatural and constricting practice worm its way into our society? Mamas! Tear up those birth certificates and just say NO to name rape!

Let me tell you, thanks to unnaming, my three children Wah, Gaga, and Babababobo are all well-adjusted, independent free spirits. And you babies should be too!

Tyffinneigh Lipschitz-Jones is a name rape survivor and apprentice saltwater birth midwife.


  1. The Uber UnschoolerMarch 19, 2011 at 1:51 AM

    *I* have been coercive ?

    Ohh god.

    I didn't think, I didn't know

    I...don't know what to do.

    I have been name raped by naming my children.


    I can't have them around me reminding me of this, not for a while. They will have to spontaneously request going to stay with my life giver for a while.

    How does a woman recover from this depth of despair ? all the confidence, happiness, point squeezed out of me in a minute.

    Oh blissful ignorance at not knowing you are a victim of a patriarchal name penetrative invasion, where are thou ? Oh that I could go back in time and not read in black and white proof that I have had my autonomy ripped from, my identity sullied, my children rendered unlovable as reminders of my everlasting victimhood.

    I think I'm going to go with wallow therapy, it seems to work, that woman on babble sounds way better in her second post than she did in her first, much more stable, clear thinking and consistent.

    Are any of you lay wallow therapists ? I could use a hand to guide me through my decent into manufactured self pity and mega magnification of minor emotions produced on demand for dramatic effect and attention

    Somebody please tell me how courageous i am for being honest, I really need to hear that right now to ensure that I don't turn around and actually do something alopathic to try and fix the problem in my head.

    I feel so alone, I need more people to confess to feeling the same in order to be healed.

  2. Crunchmaster FlashMarch 19, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    I refuse to call myself by what I am not. Unnamer suggests that name rape is the natural order and that *I* am the *UN*natural one. NO!!! I am a NAME CHOICE LEGALIZATION VESSAL, not an unnamer.

    As many NCLVs know, our babies can communicate their name choice at any time. Basmati told me while in the womb, during our first quadmester nutrition conversations. He told me, through his embryonic language of food aversions, nausea, and vomit, what our bodies needed. After accepting my offering of rice, he told me in a dream what name he had chosen.

  3. Hallowed be her VaginaMarch 19, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    Uber, I have heard of a very special soul who for a nominal fee of just a few grand can get you into their group thearapy sessions.

    Contact Gott Elp Dem via the Birth Rape Crisis center about "Wallowing yourself Well"

    You will have to be willing to dig deep down to the very bowels of your pain and haul up the feces of your despair for group wallow though. Are you strong enough for that ? Are you willing to make yourself feel a zillion times worse for months if not years on end in order to fully heal ?

    I feel you are refeshing breath of honesty with overtones of real courage and an inspiration to all women in confessing how your children have caused your tragic victimhood. I just know you can do this and shine a light for all on the road forward to recovery.

    blessings be on you

  4. Wallow away, mama, wallow away. I am not a wallow therapist, but if you PM me I can link you up to my network of alternative healers. Although my husband had to take on a seventh job to cover the costs, they are well worth it! (((((((((((Mama)))))))))) You are SO very courageous!

  5. I am glad to say that this is one issue that I DID understand before I came here! Thank Goddess I was not TOTALLY ignorant!!! I had three boys running around the house, unnamed, for three years before they finally revealed themselves as Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego. And then God's plan for me became clear: to populate his quiver with as many arrows as possible, and to let them name themselves from the Old Testament. My goal is to use up at least 20% of the names printed there. I feel so superior to other women because I have discerned God's plan. And I don't want to get all judge-y or anything, but I DO feel sorry for the children of women who participate in name rape. Just IMO.