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Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Feature! Ask Mama Tao!

I would like to start a new feature here by request from my friend, River Raintree! There is so much misimformation out there in requards to NATURAL parenting and I want to help. I will be happy to answer your questions in reguards to everything from conception to college age kids

Please rememebr that I am not a midwife or a doula !(and certianly not a nasty doctor!) , I am simply trying to provide advice , for what its worth. Please feel free to e-mail me with your questions and I will reply here on the blog so everyone can learn


  1. I Attachment Parent and babywear. If my husband and I want to have sex, should we wear the baby between us, or should she ride on my back when I'm on top? Or should my husband and I stop having sex altogether for the good of our child since that takes away some of her attention which might ruin her attachment to me forever?

  2. I'm pregnant and want to make sure that I have a birth orgasm and not any of that pesky pain from contractions. Any advice for me?

  3. Thanks for the questions Ladies! Be sure to check back tomorrow when I answer them in a special post just for you!

  4. Dear Mama Tao,
    What would be cooler? Giving birth on the back of an elephant or while sky diving (let gravity do all the work I say). Dolphin tanks are sooo 2009. I'm really looking to impress my birth goddess sister friends and I'll be darned if I let those snatches out do me. Thoughts? Ideas?