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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guest Post-Mother X Haikus!!

A Beautiful Picture for Beautiful Poetry!
Hi Mama Tao!

It's me, mother X from your much loved website :) I have been working on some haikus relating to my natural lifestyle, I thought your readers might like them

A fresh placenta
Simmering on the stove top
I counted ten toes
A foreskin is life!
The penis must remain whole
Smegma is the best
A menstrual hut
The lifeblood of my sisters
Puddles on the floor
The lotus unfolds
I howl like a Banshee would
She is now earthside


  1. The Bard himself would stand and applaud!

  2. Mother X, the first one.

    You did remember to put your glasses on after the birth didn't you ?

  3. I am being PICTURE raped every I see that wondrous placenta being victimized by those cold, gloved hands with steel instruments of torture !!

  4. Glasses? You actually want me to support Big Eye? I don't think so!!

  5. Nicollette de Placentra PHDMay 18, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    I can smell the placenta cooking on the stove.... I THINK ITS BURNING!!!

    Beautiful Haiku. And in the words of Elderberry, Im being (orgasmically) picture raped right now.