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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Birth Rape

There are those of you out there who might be pregnant and on the brink of making the choice between a NATURAL birth and one of those nasty and dangerous hospital births. I understand that not everyone is able to give birth at home ( for whatever selfish and hateful reasons you may have for risking your perfect birth in a place that never sees NATURAL birth), so I wanted to scare you with my own epidural story.
The truth is friends, I was birth raped by an evil ana “skeezi”oligist! When I found the pain of my (totally induced) labor too painful, I finally broke down and asked for the nasty narcotic cocktail! When the man (who invited a man to my birth?) showed up, he gave me a piece of paper to sign that was threatening to me! It stated that if I did not sit still he would miss my spine and give me a “headache or even death”!
At this point my friends, I was too scared to tell him to stop and he shoved his toxic, narcotic needle in my spine…yes, he spine raped me…
So take this as a warning, friends, when you go to that big, ugly hospital of unnatural intervention…remember me and my tale!
Please feel free to e-mail me your own Birth Rape stories at


  1. This is so sad and all too common!

  2. :( Dammit let's take birth BACK!!! I'm so so so sorry, Mama :( This happened to a friend of mine. She can't walk now - the ana"skeezi"ologist (ha! Awesome!) slipped when he was injecting it into her spinal cord.

  3. OMG!!! I too was spine-raped! And then I started walking backwards for months afterward, and now I'm addicted to epidurals. My psychiatrist/chiropractor has okayed me taking methadone when I can't find any epi on the streets, but there's nothing quite like that first rush of paralysis creeping down my back and into my legs. I managed to start a facebook group to get a bunch of women I don't know to nurse my baby though, until I kick my habit. Thank you for posting your story and showing me that I am not alone!

  4. Aleah, you are not alone! My own mother was addicted to twilight sleep! Sometimes she would sleep for days at a time and we would draw on her face and body with sharpies--and it's all teh fault of the evil medical world--they made her a user!

  5. Thanks, Mama T. I've been knocking back a little Robitussin at night (and in the afternoon and morning) to take the edge off. Meanwhile I'm trying to get pregnant again as fast as I can, since pregnancy and having an unassisted homebirth is the only known cure for spine rape. I've found the perfect slip-and-slide, and will lube it with liquid gold and stored placenta in order to facilitate my baby's first swoosh into the world! Best of all, I've shoved a micro camera up my hoo-ha in order to not only live cam the whole birth, but the conception and everything leading up to the birth as well!

  6. You are correct Aleah--I know that my 6 previous UC homebirths really helped me heal. Me and my three (living) children love talking over the story of thier births!

  7. Um. . .so YOU asked for the epidural and YOU signed the paper and now you're calling it "spine rape"?

  8. I believe I clearly stated that I was too scared to tell him to stop????

  9. Here we go!! Always blaming the victim!! Misogynist!

  10. birthrapecrisissupportMarch 16, 2011 at 6:20 AM

    !Um. . .so YOU asked for the epidural and YOU signed the paper and now you're calling it "spine rape"? "

    If you were GROOMED for rape, if you were coerced, bullied told your CHILD would DIE if you did have sex with the rapist would you not call it RAPE ?

    It's the SAME thing ! there is NO difference.

    And even if there was a diffence or six, who cares, if she FEELS birthraped, she WAS birthraped.

    YOU don't get to define her birthrape SHE does !!!

  11. "Birth Rape" is not used to describe medical interventions, even ones that are may have been unnecessary. It is not used to describe an unsatisfactory birthing experience, or an experience that did not go as planned.

    "Birth Rape" is when a birthing mother is forced, against her will, to undergo a procedure or intervention that she does not consent to. It is used to describe the violation of her body, and an assault that takes place. Have you ever even heard a survivors story? The stories of women being held down against their will while their vaginas are cut open, or subjected to vaginal exams while they are screaming for the doctor to stop? How is this not assault? Does a medical degree mean that you can touch/cut/handle a woman's body/vagina without her consent?

    You can make fun of the term as much as you'd like, but have you given any thought to what a survivor may feel when reading your hateful words?

    While I have never experienced birth rape, I am a survivor of rape and sexual assault, and I take offense at how you are treating other survivors. Just because their rape happens in a different setting, does not make it okay. You sound like someone justifying date rape, or spousal rape, because it isn't "rapey" enough for you.