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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mama Tao’s Guide to Homemade Vaccinations!

By Soleil Moon

Just because you choose to reject the medical establishments ( because we all know they want our money) doesn't mean you should reject vaccinating your kids!

Homemade vaccines are as good if not BETTER and SAFER than the ones pushed by evil big PHARMA!!

Here is Mama Tao’s homemade immunization schedule!

Hep B: Mixture of kosher salt,echinacea & olive oil recommended to give the first dose at birth, can be administrated by a doula or midwife ( most MANA & DONA certified doulas & midwifes know how to do it) but may be given at any age for those not previously immunized. protects against all forms of hepititus and boosts immunity and brain power!

2 months
Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis: mix raw Honey, with curry mixed with coconut oil and a little garlic, works best if the child snorts it.

Haemophilus influenzae homemade vaccine:   mix organic Japanese still water with 2oz oolong tea, let the child soak in it for 2 hours,  make the child drinks some for extra absorption, soak the child every fort night for 3 months.


Inactivated poliovirus homemade vaccine: Mix whole grain (preferably organic and gluten free) flour with Chinese mineral water, ginger, 7 rose petals, 1 cucumber, 1 banana, 3 brazil nuts, mix into a paste leave on the window sill overnight, then apply & massage on the child’s hair let it absorb for 6 hours, wash off with baking powder and vinegar. 
Pneumococcal conjugate homemade vaccine: Mix 3 tablespoons of organic turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, 1 teaspoon coriander, make sure they are organic & fair trade or this vaccine won’t WORK, Mix with 3oz lukewarm carbonated water, 1oz organic treacle, let it ferment, and make sure your dd or ds, drinks it every full moon until their 3rd birthday.

Results may vary.

Homemade vaccines are backed and recommended by the dolphin assisted birth foundation. 


  1. oh this post si SOOOOOOOOOOO bookmarked !!

    You are a STAR for doing this Mama Tao !!!

  2. where can i get doula training to learn these vaccine mixtures?

  3. Ohh, Mama. I am quaking with conflicted feelings right now. You KNOW I worship the dolphin-kissed aura on which you glide, and you KNOW I bend to your views with reverent sychophancy. And still, and still, gently, I say, I feel just the teensiest bit of discomfort with the very idea of allowing the word "vaccine" on your blog. My probably totally unwarranted fear is that it might normalize the concept of vaccination, when we all know non-vaxed kids really never get sick at all! I just don't know what to think. I'm going to have to go do some meditation and chanting now to clear my addled brain and work my way toward blind acceptance of your viewpoint.

    ((((((((((((Your Worshipfulness))))))))))))))

  4. @ubercrunchydoula -- I'm offering a weekend workshop in April. It's only 4 hours and you will be totally certified to do it at the end. Message me and I'll get you the details. ($200)

  5. Bunnies

    Did the last stoning not knock any sense into you ?

  6. @mildbrouhaha is there an online course? and 200 just seems so much :(

  7. Wow, just came across your blog! Totally love it...thanks for your alternative views! :)

  8. Furry Squirrel MommaMarch 23, 2011 at 11:51 AM

    Momma Tao, I'm currently concerned about future supplies of organic Japanese still water with how the evil FDA has already banned some produce coming from Japan right now. Do you think supplies will be interrupted or are their sources for it outside of Japan?

  9. Our offical position at this point is to decline any and all toxic materials coming out of Japan--You can sub raw milk for Japanese still water.

  10. This post saddens me. I thought you were a lactivist, mama tao. None of this is necessary. Breastmilk is a more powerful vaccine than anything you listed here. Breastmilk is far more powerful that "real" Big Pharma vaccines, but it doesn't cause autism and cellulite.

    The only "mother's" for whom these recipes would be helpful are those who selfishly ween their babies before 6 years of age. Those poor children can use all they help they can get... and these recipes won't help them with the emotion damage of being forced to ween early.

    Breastmilk, people. That is literally all a child needs for the first 6-12 years of life.