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Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Youngest is sick—

I actually had to break down and take my kid to the chiropractor—she has had a fever for a few days and I was hoping that My Chiro would give her some really strong super diluted homeopathic meds.
As it turns out, ever since I started Mama Tao I have not been paying much attention to my kids. Mix that with the fact that I unschool and I pretty much never see them. I guess Little Dartboard Mush ( the name she gave herself THANK YOU!) had gotten into the toilet and had a sip of the water. I use all natural cleaning products so I don’t normally worry about it.
When the blood work came back my Chiro took me aside and said “ Your daughter has Ebola!”
I was like, “Don’t you mean E-coli? She was drinking out of the toilet and I do use all natural products so none of that poop in there is dead—and you get e-coli from poop, not Ebola!”
And he said “ Nope, she has Ebola—your toilet is so nasty it’s grown EBOLA!” He didn’t have to scream at me!
Anyway, just please remember to send out some super good thoughts for my daughter. She is one some high dose water pills and oatmeal colonics! This is just so hard on ME being 48 weeks pregnant!


  1. Hallowed be her VaginaMarch 19, 2011 at 3:48 PM

    He WORD raped you ?

    Oh ...the humanity !

  2. Lactivisim LizzieMarch 19, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    PLEASE tell me you're giving that baby some special lactation vaccination. I will be happy to breastfeed her for you if you're busy spreading light and love this week...

  3. Thanks Lizzie, but you well know I am still breastfeeding all my little one, even the one I don't like! But I am totally down for letting a totla strange from the internet nurse my kids!

  4. Mamatao- the internet is the best, most reliable source of education and the best way to find someone to accept bodily fluids from. So glad you are setting an example and are open to giving your child another godesses divine booby juice.