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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't Doubt the Doula

by Dooo Lahhhh

Blessed be !!

After years of arduous, rigorous research we finally have the results published and peer reviewed of just how much better it is to give birth if you pay for a doula to harangue you into a natural birth no matter what you say when the reality of the pain hits !!

Acting as an irritant in the L&D department shows that women do better if all the medwives and docmonsters are put in their place by somebody with a FRESH and REAL education.

So there you have it cast iron proof that dipping into your bank account virtually guarantees you the birth that your doula wants !!!

Seriously, you'd have to be mad or a masochist not to hire one.

Proper Scienftific Reserch is a Brezze for a Well educated Doula !

Results of the study in the original are here


  1. ((((((((((((science))))))))))))

  2. My doula was AWESOME !!

    She whacked the LD nurse with a bedpan when the bitch assulted me by offering me a pen to sign my admission papers !!

    (((((((wymen power))))))))))

  3. My doula was so cool, she pointed out to the OBYGN that a facy degree was no subsititue for intusition.

    The doctor was forced to agree and said really the doula was the best intervention availble in the hospital !!!!

  4. PeacenFlowersDoulaMarch 26, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    I am a doula.

    I think every thinking woman hires one.

    I feel so sorry for the sheeple who don't understand how empowering it is to pay for somebody to obstruct the medical staff can be.

    Poor them.

    So stupid.

  5. I so want to be a doula, I am training now. The course is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard, there and like numbers and everything in it !!

    Between that and the huge training costs (7,99 from Mama Tao !! wowser!!!!!, that hurts in this economy) it is a huge commitment but i just so want to help women birth the right way and if I have to put myself bodily between them and pain relief then that is when the training will pay off !!

  6. I bin a doola 4 6 monhts. is realy hard werk ! but so good cos you see loads of baabys borned. I lcik my job so much, way beter than werking in wlamart !!

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh 4 us !!

  7. Manhattan MidwifeMarch 26, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    I was a doula, but my course offered a 50 dollar upgrade to become a midwife so I pushed myself to go the extra mile. I think most doulas are just frustrated midwives really. Like a sort of second class citizen of the natural birth professional pool. But that is okl. somebody has to be at the bottom.

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((appreciating the little people)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  8. This is why some hospitals BAN us !!

    Because less interventuons mean less PROFIT for Big PHARMA !!!

    We are OPRESSED !!

  9. @doolydoula

    )))))))PERSECUTION |!1!!11!!(((((((((((

  10. Is a DISGRACE that with this evidence to support the concept of doulas hospitals continue to ban them ..even for petty things like spitting.

  11. HEYYYY!!!! Why is everybody hugging around here?? That's MY role!!!

    Now I feel marginalized. So marginalized I can't even reflect on the glory of doulas and the INCREDIBLE statistics above!!


  12. What I think is a disgrace is people like are not sued for LIBEL. I consider these comments to be against my human rights !!

  13. Bunnies this is a birth educator only hug space.

    Uneducated hugs are not required.

    But for just 7.99 you too can be a birth educator. It's just a 15 minute course and a quiz that you have to achieve 10% on.

    Or just say you are one and you too will be one. It is more about attitude and spiritual alignment with birth than any specific (not needed) knowledge. There are plenty of natural birth blogs that you can learn about birth stuff on if you want to get a deeper knowledge of the technical side after you have started earning enough to make it worth while (=

    You just need to stay away from the doulas that don't set all natural groundrules for the mamas that want to hire them. They are very bad people and will try and infect you with the alien concpt that you are there to support the mama's choices rather than being there to support natural birth. Seriously there ARE nutjobs like that out there. So take care !!!

  14. @bunnies! Simply by reading this site you are becoming a doola! Yay!! Now, I need your $7.99 please!

  15. Gladly, Mama Tao! Gladly! You know I would do anything you ask of me!! And I now feel SO EMPOWERED!!!! I can't believe I'm actually going to have a career!!!!!

    (((((((Meaningful Career))))))))