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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The UK Goes Hard Core NATURAL!!

by Natural Allience Group UK (NAG-UK)

Press Release

As the most vocal group supporting the birthivist and lactivist agenda we are proud to announce that  after many months of fund raising our latest campaign is due to go live !

Entitled "Saying what we mean, meaning what we say".
Thanks to the generosity of a number of sponsors ALL NATURAL birth and parenting will be actively promoted with a view to creating and energizing neo birthivists and lactivists at grassroots level, with a clear message  to take directly to their immediate community .

As ever the message attempts to take evidence based FACTS to the general public, so they are in a better position to make informed choices that benefit them, their children, the country, society as a whole and the world.

There is a time  to push for pro natural birth and parenting as THE social norm on a global scale, and that time is now.

From next Friday, in every city and town in the country at least 15 buses on major rush hour routes will be carrying one of the following ads. (please see below)

This is just the first step for us, hopefully the awareness raised by this campaign will provide the thrust necessary to effectively lobby for enforced home birth and the criminalization of formula.

We hope you enjoy the campaign.


  1. Well sure, it's a start. but I don't understand why they didn't choose to be more direct and tell the trooth.

    formula is not just poisen, it kills thousands of babies every year, there was a really great scientifc study I heard about that prooved that totally.

    they shoudl have said ff you baby ? you are a baby killer.

    we won't get anywhere if we keep stopping short of giving people the full facts.

    i am disappointed with this. if we worry about the feelings of the women making the wrong choices they will never know what the right choices are.

    i vote for epic fail due to understatement

  2. Crunchmaster FlashMarch 16, 2011 at 3:57 AM

    This is why I have an automatic direct deposit donation to NAG-UK every month. I'm praising the goddess and your amazing honesty in bringing these much needed messages to the ignorant masses!

  3. k i had to formula feed due to the medication that got pumped into to me and it could of hurt my daughter how in the hell is formula feeding selfish had to have 3 surgeries after i had my daughter and if i would of breast fed my daughter would of gotten sick from all the medications they given me. C-section is not a failure formula feeding is not a failure..........................If i had the choice and no surgies i would of breast fed.....
    i find this offensive and you all need to stop living in the clouds

  4. Anonymous,

    Clearly you live in fear and do not trust your body enough. Your children are more important than anything else in your life. I would, after having a wonderful orgasmic birth in the woods under the gibbous moon, have forgone any and all medication to give my children pure life-saving perfect food - my breastmilk. Anything less would be child abuse. Unfortunately the laws in the UK and US do not yet recognize the abusive nature of formula feeding, but we are working on a campaign to change this.

  5. Hallowed be her VaginaMarch 19, 2011 at 3:56 AM

    What do we want ?

    CRIMINALISE epidurals and forumla TODAY !!!!

    When do we want it ?

    NOW !!!

    GO NAG ! Go NAG ! GO NAG !

  6. I saw this on ivillage debates, have to say ,in my heart, I think it is kind of cool.

    I agree with the statements.

    BUT I also do think it is going too far. I think there would be a backlash about being so direct in our message. Better to soften it a little or there will be so much ciritism of breastfeeders.

  7. I like it, it is honest and less wishy washy that some campaings i have seen.

    But I agree with the above poster that in the states people will find it maybe a touch offensive. FFs are awfully over sensitive about any negative comments about their choice of how to feed their baby.

  8. I get that these might make formula feeders feel guilty but I doubt making them feel "guilty" is the goal--I guess helping mothers make an educated choice is the goal and that has to be more important than a few women's feeling of guilt.

  9. And to the mothers that can't lactate? She's selfish...? To the mother got into a horrible car accident and had her pelvis crushed and is unable to give birth naturally, so she's a failure? I understand that you are trying to get the 'message' across but it's not really fair to the mothers that wanted to but can't. I have 2 kids that were BF & FF. I got into that car accident. My children's health is far more important than your movement. ^_^ -Nicci

  10. Yes, yes...everything you said is true. Those women are selfish and suck at life!

  11. I think that those ads are insensitive to the many women who have been sabotaged during their births and ended up with c-sections and those moms who did not have adequate support to breastfeed and had to formula feed. There are better ways to educate women than to attack them. There is such a thing as compassionate advocacy.

  12. maybe we should make formula prescription only - it's too readily available. You can buy it at many convenience stores - they sell beer, cigarettes, donuts and formula - all the poison in one place!