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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Guest Blog by Lactivistissimo

Wymyn !! Extended Breastfeeders !! Whole Family Breastfeeders !!! - We have a problem.

The EVIL formula companies are plotting against us !!! (support action against them)

The prejudice at what we do, inhibiting as ever our peaceful, non intrusive, modest public breastfeeding (please click and show support in comments, the poor woman is still livid with righteous indignation !!) is still a HUGE issue.

What we have noted is that our British EBers and WFBers suffer far more prejudice than any other nationality.

We have also discovered why !!!

Tirgger Warning for Laugh-At-Me Rape

Mama Tao does not wish to squander her supply of Natural Parent Advisory Warning stickers, due to cost reasons. If you feel this video meets the criteria please vote for a sticker under this post in comments.

I personally feel OPRESSED !!


  1. Goddess!! Are we still saying goddess? GODDESS!!

  2. Goddess!!

    I think that laughter was really just covering pain. You can hear it if you listen carefully. People see what a REAL mother's love is all about and realize their own selfish cold mother ripped them from the teet well before they decided they were ready. Their laughter breaks my heart. What pain!!!

    I'm not weaning until my children are ready, even if they are adults!

  3. Let's picket the WHO until they raise the recommended age until at least 18!

  4. I am once again in so much pain that I can't get out of bed to care for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. First Mothering magazine, and now THIS?????????

    (((((((((( Bunnies )))))))))))))))

  5. Awww (((((Bunnies))))) Who is watching your kids? Are they unschooling themsleves?

    @Syan--Fab idea!! Where is who at?

  6. Oh, I have utter confidence in their ability to care for themselves, even the ones whose births were deficient. And the month-old is good to go since hers was an empowering birth.

  7. I have been LAUGH RAPED !!

    Qucik impregnate me so I can have a proper birth and heal myself through yet more extended breastfeeding !!!

  8. Elfin, Wolfbaggin says he can help you out, but conscientiously objects to turkey basters because they are not bio degradable and unnatural sperm delivery is unkind welfare of sentient beings to be.

    Wolfbaggin did not type this for me, I have learned to write by uber unschooling osmosis and did it by myself.

  9. Why are they laughing ?

  10. Maybe the crowd were all having a seizure? I don't know. It's NOT funny. It's SWEET and innocent and nothing more! Ahem!

  11. That is just not the girl for him, see how she is reacting with typical american prudery !!

    Somebody should tell her what God gave us boobs FOR !!!