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Friday, March 18, 2011

Nurse- In Immediately All Home Hardware’s!

Ladies, I have had my constitutional right to nurse in public and private places VOLATED!
Today I was tandem nursing my 4 year old twins in the middle of an aisle at my local Home Hardware. I was minding my own business and keeping myself moderately covered but this one employee kept walking by and staring at me.
 I was sitting crisscross apple sauce in the middle of the paint aisle when my little Patchier Rose told me she was hot. My twins are not used to being nursed while I am wearing clothes so I removed my top for their comfort!
About that time, the nosey clerk came back as started yelling something about indecent exposure! I started yelling back. “My twins should not have to suffer because I can’t nurse them!”
“But Miss, you’re naked!” He yelled back.
Why was it a problem that I had removed my top to nurse my kids-- And that top happened to actually be a dress? Have these people never seen a woman in her underwear standing in the middle on the paint aisle with two preschoolers suckling at her before!!
I was asked to leave and then escorted to the front door. When I heard sirens and decided to flee!
I am calling all nursing mothers to boycott Home Hardware and to hold massive nurse-ins all over the country! With your help sisters, we will show Home Hardware that they have no rights as private owners of property! We shall nurse where we see fit!


  1. Dear god do people not know why we have bosoms ?

    I think we should start a protest or something.

    I actually got stared and muttered at in the playground today for doing the most natural thing in the world.

    Crocus and Spawn were busy playing so I decided to take advantage of all that lovely free CLEAN electricity by firing up my solar powered double breast pump and whack off a few liters for the delicious ice cream i am taking to my cousin's twins blessing (I'm famed for my chocolate tit ice cream).

    Can yo believe some people !! No carbon footprint, all organic, packaging free food for several adults and children and all they can do is grumble and complain that it is "inappropriate".

    I feel so OPPRESSED !!

  2. I am so there. Mama Tao, you complete me!!

  3. Right there with ya MT! I'm still nursing my triplets Freedom, Foxglove, and Fie while 8 months pregnant, so between Adult BFing my partner and trips to the junior high to nurse the Triple Fs, I've had my share of icy glares, especially after I asked the Goddess for the Gift of a third nipple to facilitate snack time (ask, and in the form of a Beverly Hills surgeon ye shall receive!)

  4. Lizzie I've got a Freedom, too!! Smart minds think alike!
    Listen Mama Tao, we cannot take this lying down!! That individual at that store was stripping you of your right to appear in public as you were the day you came earthside! Who says we have to cover what we have ALL been given by Our Mother!! I say if you are so inclined, nurse in public au naturelle!!

  5. Hallowed be her VaginaMarch 19, 2011 at 9:28 AM

    Oh we sort of have a Freedom too. My youngest is called Brīvību, Lativan for Freedom.

    Freedom itself is a very common name and we are bit more thinking out of the box that your common or garden sort of person.