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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ask Mama Tao--Do Hospital Interventions Exist?

Dear Mama Tao:

Help me learn.  Ever since we hooked our computer up to the internets (used previously only for un-schooling materials, OF COURSE.  Duh.), I have been able to do SO much research on your site.  But I am wondering if you could answer a question about the Cascade of Interventions (TM)?  One of the things I have learned from researching is that merely setting foot inside a hospital guarantees the C of I (TM).  I read it on MDC, so it must be true. 
 Still, I meekly admit that I brought my first two spawn Earthside within the walls of these dens of iniquity and horror.  AND it was a University hospital--you know, the places where the only thing birthed naturally is the Great Conspiracy that enfolds Evil Golf-Playing Doctors, Nurse Ratchets, and Intervening Medwives.  
Even so, I somehow, miraculously, it would seem, defied fate and experienced my first two births WITHOUT the C of I (TM).  AND for one of those I even consented, weakly and in ignorance, to Poison/Pitocin AND AROM.  And now I'm confused.  Does the C of I (TM) really exist?  I admit I lived long in the darkness of utter ignorance about normal birth, and now I know better that the only right way is intervention-free UC.  But I need to solve this one lingering doubt.  My healing depends upon it.  Mother Tao, you have such obvious cosmic wisdom.  Can you set me straight?

(((((((((((((((Mama Tao)))))))))))))))

Signed, BunniesAndFlowers
I have read over your letter many times now and am not sure how to respond. How exactly should one reply when faced with a supposed fan who can lie so boldly and in public no less!
The fact that you say you gave birth without the Cascade of Interventions (TM) is a statement of such dishonestly it makes me jiggly in my legs to even type it!
It is simply impossible for a woman to have ANY type of natural birth in the hospital...
You ma'am are a liar and fraud!
Good Day!


  1. Ooohhhh, Mama Tao, let me grovel with untamed sychophancy at your dolphin-kissed feet! I beg of you! I agree completely that it is impossible for a woman to have a natural (not to mention normal) birth in the hospital! And I DO (of course!) feel birth-raped by my experience of pitocin/AROM. And as may be expected I have never bonded with those children. Nor would I expect to!

    But all the same I was amazed--AMAZED, I tell you--that those crimes against birth did not automatically lead to the ultimate rape and denigration of my body and birth itself, a CS (as with the word "Voldemort," I can barely stand to name the horror). I was under the impression they did! Again, I read it in MDC, so of course I wouldn't question it. Was my experience just a miracle, the random strike of lightning, so to speak?

    Please, PLEASE allow me back into the fold of sanctity--or at least the sanctity seeker/pilgrim.

    (((((((((((((Have Pity On Me)))))))))))))))


    STONE HER !!!!

  3. Perhaps, Bunnies, you simply blacked out your OTEHR interventions?

  4. Please enlighten me, your Taoship. I BEG of you!!!

    Is flogging in order in a case like this?

    (((((((((Psychological Self-Flagellation)))))))))

    :-( :-( :-(

  5. Crunchmaster FlashMarch 20, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    Remember, Bunnies, it's a Cascade of Interventions, not a Falling Piano of Interventions. It takes time. If your baby comes out too fast, you might never get to the end point (with the scalpel)… but that's only if you are very lucky!!!

  6. Don't be so hard on bunny. Obviously the baby knew he was about to get womb raped and torn out so he just hastened his trip earthside! Did you all forget to trust the baby? This baby is clearly gifted!!!


    Mother X may have a point.