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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Birthing Goddess and Rape Victim Needs Our Help

Some of you may have read this link--


While we totally understand this woman, many people are attacking her and telling her she needs so The"rape"y!

So what if she said she loves her son more than her daughter? How can you love a child made from an awful Birth Rape?

So what if she said she would not be sad if her daughter died? We all wish that our Birth Rape Babies had never been born at all and brought this shame on us.

So what if she placed this blog in a  very public place with a picture of her child as the header? I write all my darkest secrets on this blog and I've said it once to my first born, I'll say it again


We all need to get over there to that forum and protect that woman with all our heart!!


  1. sigh

    when will the sheeple understand that some babies aren't meant to make it, and if you defy destiny by birthing in hospital too many who should not be here, will be. Both mama and child on some level know this was not to be....the misery of this mother covertly fantasing about her duaghter death is emotional blood on the hands of those who intervened and defied was what written in the stars.

  2. Now you guys are blaming the babies? A+ for being mature women.

  3. Anonymous. Please try and get a little educated. A baby is an untapped vessel straight from the heavens. It is infinite wisdom and the knowledge of the ages all in one. Would you deny that a baby knows all, and that he or she, and only he or she, determines when/how/if he or she blesses us earthside?

  4. how could you blame the babies? won't someone think of the children?!if i posted what i really thought of this blog, you'd probably just delete my comment!!

  5. A baby is an untapped vessel straight from the heavens.

    Well that's one way to look at it.

  6. fleetfoot huntressMarch 16, 2011 at 1:35 PM

    No Liz, she won't delete it. That is the problem. We asked Mama Tao when she moved us from a private forum to here to stick with the sort of censorship you normally see on our kinds of forums, to protect our unborn from negative thoughts. But she went all first amendment on us and blathered on about not coercing people into censoring their thoughts.

    some of us think uber unschooler may have hand in it. not surprising given the clues.

    Why they want to give a voice to the sheeple here i will never understand. It's not like they ever say anything that makes an logical sense.

  7. But she went all first amendment on us and blathered on about not coercing people into censoring their thoughts.


    Anything but going first amendment! Lord give me strength, I can't go on. I need the unborn babies to soothe me with their powers.

  8. I resent the implication that I COERCED mama Tao into anything.

    FWIW I had nothing to do with the rules of our new "home".

    I took no part in the discussion, taking the "live and let live" stance that is my life motto.

    What is it with you flatfoot, still sore that I pointed out that you insisting your kids learn times tables was CHILD ABUSE ?

    Hey nobody can make you feel bad about your choices, its just your GUILT coming out.

  9. I honestly cannot distinguish whose comments are serious and whose are sarcastic. I hope they're all sarcasm.