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Friday, June 3, 2011

To My Dear Readers--Mama Tao Says Goodbye

Miss Gyna Cockring-Cokehead done reported me to Uncle Google for using her picture (that I did remove at her request. It just took me a day or two because she replied on her blog to my comment and I never went back to check it)

 As you can see the blog is still here and Google has yet to contact me. WHY do I know that it was reported? Well, Miss Gyna sent me an e-mail letting me know that she did it. Is THAT nice? She can't just be a tattle tale, she also has to brag about it. As of this moment, while I sit in my cozy chair, I am counting no less than two times a picture has been used of Moi. Once by the Venting Time Girl, Once by the Feminist Brooder, which I told her she could have ;). I have no issues with people using my pics. Take them. Whateva!

If I minded I might be compelled to get off my lazy ass and put some sort of protection on my pictures. Seeing as I have not and don't plan on stopping people, added to the fact that I do place them in a public forum, I seriously can't get too twitterpated now can I?

Well Gyna Crackrock-Cokepipe I are very different. While we have lots of hot dogs in common, (Like assholes, lips and intestines) I try to take the gremlin route in all things I do. Thus I was finally compelled to own my own domain name.

While blogger has yet to sentence me-- or even contact me on the issue, I want a place where I can be me and if your ass has a problem you need to have a lawyer. No more Big Brother Google making me fear losing all my work because some has been twat thinks she's so fecking special.

With all this in mind I happily announce the soon to be! Yup, she's all mine. We are working on moving everything over and are really trying to save all the comments. Sometime soon you will come here and be redirected  to a land that is my own making, where I can troll and wreak havoc in relative peace and quite. Thank the Goddess for paying money for FREEDOM.

Gyna Cockring-Cokewhore (or head? Was it head?) thank you for giving me the inspiration to run my OWN life. TO take my parody into my OWN hands! I will not let the man get their hands on my BODY (of work). It's MINE damn it, and I will take it!

To the Tao Cave, Goddesses!  We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day! *

Or something like that....

*Quote from Independence knew you knew it from somewhere :D

Thursday, June 2, 2011


EDITED TO ADD: Taking a  screen cap also means the pic in question belongs to you as you were simply taking a pic of what was on your screen. I recomend that everyone use a screen cap for they editing funs!

AS it turns out the Gina Brooder does know I exist! I am so happy, friends. In this post she made to me she does get something right. I was using her picture without permission.

Gina thinks she knows an awful lot about the law. I know a lot about the law too. The law states that screen capping of an image has been found to be fair use  and the picture in question belongs to ME!  The NOT fucking Hyphenated Husband over here, also known as Papa TAO had a grand old time making this little gem.

This is a screen cap that is covered by the Fair Use policy
And I, the great Mama Tao invite YOU to do the SAME! Well , not the same. Do your own thing. I think this needs a contest! Whoever makes the most LOVELY Gina pictue wins! What do you win? Um...How about anything off the internet (legal and includes shipping ) that you fucking want?!(Under $20) What a fun game ! Yay!!!
Just make sure you alter at least 10% of the image and a screen cap to qualify)
Let's Play, Bitch :D

(Shhhhh, an IP address only gives you the name of my server, not me. It's Charter BTW. If you'd have asked I'd have told you. If Frank Zappa's greedy family can't find me, I doubt you can. But guess what? I'll give you my address. Not sure why it will be handy but I'll do it :))

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forget What I said! Honey Badger Doesn't Give a SHIT!

Oh laws people! You need to do better "research". Had you done your online "education" about badgers BEFORE sugesting that they become the next magical animal midwife, you'd have found this lovely scientific video about the Honey Badger! Much like a CPM he does not GIVE A SHIT!!

The next midwife on the poll is a fun with that.

Rock Always Gives GREAT Birth Orgasms!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Newest , Greatest Midwife.

I am a little appalled at you guys and your selection of midwives from the poll. It appears that Badger Assisted Birth is on the horizon....yay?? What do we know about these creatures that makes you feel they would be good midwives?

We know that they live in holes. Yoni's are like holes and perhaps in cases where baby gets stuck the badger midwife can crawl up your yoni and retrieve the child?

We know that they can yank things with their sharp teeths! This could be useful for a stubborn placenta.

In the event of a transfer, badger midwives can get mean with the OB and annoy him into giving you your pain killer free C-Section ( like a real NATURAL Womyn!!) 

And last but not least, let's all remember that in Narnia, badgers can talk!

And, just in case Badger Midwifery is stupid you have this

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Redos-day- Homebirth of a Lithopedion

We don't always like to talk about what happens when a miscarriage does not evict the body. We here at Mama Tao believe that all babies, even those who have passed, deserve the sanctity of the Mama's womb.

Sometimes after giving a baby weeks, months and years to pass without the "help" of a D&C, we find ourselves in physical possession of a lithopedion or Stone Baby. It is nature’s way of keeping your dead zygote form infecting your blood (Isn't nature wonderful?!). The body of your little on is calcified in your womb forever!

For some of us though, we want to be able to have more children and until we get this ghost baby out of us, we are unable to do so!

When it comes time to birth (and it IS birth) your stone baby, you need to go someplace where it is quite and you feel special and sacred! Some may choose their bed while others prefer a toilet! It's all up to you.

Begin the birth by drinking Pepsi, Coke or any processed food as it is the surest way to abort a baby!

You will have contractions much like a live birth and eventually your baby will pass. At this point you will have a lovely stone statue to place on your fire place mantle to always remember your loved one! And your womb will be free to have more babies!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vaccine NEWS!!

Dear Mama Tao,
I just found out, almost too late but not quite yet too late, the TRUTH about the chicken pox vaccine.  I was almost going to let my baby have it even with all the toxins because my husband fearmongered me with big words like "encephalitis" and "sepsis," but I was doing my vaccine research when I stumbled on teh TRUTH!  
The chicken pox vaccine will turn my baby into a chicken.  I heard it from my peer and when we all reviewed it we thought she must be right, so it passed the peer review test like every good theory has to do according to the Thinking Woman's Guide to Making My Own Peer Reviewed Studies At Home.
Now, I like chickens and eggs, and my baby being a chicken might be a good way to get some farm fresh eggs, but then the truth became as obvious as an infected pox in the tip of someone's nose.   People eat chickens, if they are not as educated and vegetarian except for placentas as those of us who have EDUCATED ourselves are.  The chicken pox vax is actually part of a SECRET PLAN hatched by Big Pharma and The Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!  You bring your baby in thinking she will be safe from a disease that only killed some kids and made all of us only sort of miserable, but really?  She's on her way to becoming a Double Down.  
Now I know the TRUTH and will not let my baby become a double down, nor a McChikenz nor a nugget or tender of any kind.  Nor a soup.  Nor a pot pie.  If only people were educated like me, instead of educateMED, they would see the truth too.  However, I fear for them it is too late.  
Never will my baby ever get turned into a chicken again, even if she might get better from being a chicken almost like in that documentary about Python Monty and the Holy Gruel but not quite. I already called my BFF Jenny, and sent out emails to my naturopath, chiropractor, herbalist, iridologist and non-toxic dry cleaning lady, but I knew that you would want this knowledge for yourself and to help defeat The Kentucky Fried Children conspiracy.  
I would explain more about all I have learned from my researching, but typing while tandem nursing my 15 babies under age 13 is really hard for any mama.
Love, Light and May your Quinoa be Plentiful,
Mindy Moonbeam

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Oh Noes! Gina does not LIKE IT!!

Well well well, it seems my little friend over at The Feminist Bragger got a special visitor a few days ago. I don't know how I missed this hot mess, but I think I am in LOVE! After a lovely parody post Gyna Cokehead-Cockring's MOTHER shows up to give us the true story about her upbringing. Lodry lordy!

Here is what she had to say:

GINA'S MOM said...

the FEMINIST BREADER IS A BIG FAT LIAR... and I should know 1st hand, because I'm her mother or what she would call her birth mother (lol). She was never given up just for starters, I lived with my parents when she was born and until she was 2 1/2. She was just much happier being at thier house so she lived with them more than me. But Thats not interesting enough. With her the truth never is. She's nothing more than a BIG FAT LIAR. And me and whole family are sick of it. And as for HAVING A BABY AT HOME POST C-SECTION...STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. It's a miracle that nothing went wrong. HOW DARE HER RISK HER BABY'S LIFE LIKE THAT!!!! Ya she's mother of the year. Love to tell everyone more of her BIG FAT LIES, Just ask. What do you want the truth about....

Anonymous said...

I'll take the bait Gina's mom, Why are you two estranged?

Anonymous said...

Me too. Spill Gina's mom. Blog that shit.

GINA'S MOM said...

The simple truth is that Gina is an attention seeker. AND THE TRUTH ABOUT HER LIFE IS NOT EXCITING ENOUGH FOR HER. The truth is, Yes I had Gina at 17, I wanted a baby so bad and I was just too stupid at that time to realize what that ment. But I was a avery good mother to Gina, I still lived at home until she was 2 1/2, by then my mom and dad had Gina so spoiled that all she wanted was them, so stupid me I gave in and allowed her to stay with the most of the time. I married a good man who I am still married to today. I have 3 more kids that all think I'm a pretty good mom. I AM NOT A LOW LIFE, NOR IS ANYONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY, (once again the truth is not as exciting as her lies). I have 2 degrees (nursing and engineering). My husband is an engineer and a Navy vet. So why are we estranged, I'll tell you. It started in 2005 when I came to Chicago for her engagement party. I brought my then 18mo old g-son with me. She went bulistic, even though I never intended for him to attend the party. She went on to call him a "little bastard". And a few more choice words. Then when she got married I was not invited, She made up this insane lie about how I just wanted to go to her wedding to see her father. Saying that I must have feelingsfor him because I have never bad mouthed him in over 30 years. well I don't have anything to say about him, bad or good. We were young, it was never ment to work out SOOOOOOOOOO WHAT!!! Does that mean that I should say bad shit about him. I don't think so. I think that parents should never talk bad about one another to their kids. Fact is Gina was not going to get the wedding of her dreams because she got pregnant and had to rush to the alter. so she had to find another way to get attention. Still I could have forgiven all of that, but THE LAST AND FINAL STRAW CAME OVER THIS LAST FEW WEEKS.... Tell me how you would feel about this..... 1 my father who would have done anything for that girl and for that matter always did, died on May 5th, on his deathbed he said to me "why does Gina hate me so much". She refused to come see him or even pick up the phone and call. Then My Mom went up to Chicago (she wanted to see Gina more than anything). Gina REFUSED to drive 45 minutes to go see my mom. YES THESE ARE THE GRANDPARENTS WHO RAISED HER. My mother has undergone breast CA and a brain tumor in the last 2 years and Gina wouldn't even call her.... I AM SICK TO DEATH OF ALL THE LIES THAT GINA PRINTS, AND SO IS MY WHOLE FAMILY.. There is not 1 person left in the family that will have anything to do with her. It's time allllllll her lies come out. She has tried to turn everyone in this family against each other... BUT NOW WE ALL KNOW IT'S JUST HER LIES. Want to know the truth about any topic just ask, I'll spill....GINA'S MOM

GINA'S MOM said...

to answer WOLF ? why are so many of her so called friends missing on FB. That's an easy 1.. If you disagree with ANYTHING Gina says. thats it you are xxxxx out. just ask my family ie my sister Pati was just xxxxx out because she told gina what she thought about her NOT COMMING TO SEE HER PAPA BEFORE HE DIED. God forbid you tell that little liar the truth. Like Jack Nickelsons said "You can't handle the truth".... and as for the gender nutural thing lmao.... parents have been doing that since time began, or should I say kids have. She wants to be the mother of a Gay Son so she can look like she's a NEW AGE ENLIGHTED PERSON. Having a son who likes girls. WHERES THE FUN IN THAT... Real moms love what ever they get...... Just ask me I still love Gina even if she's a BITCH AND A LIAR. i just don't want her to be part of my life because all she knows how to do is hurt people. Time for a pay back...(this is for my mom and dad, who gave all they ever had to give).

GINA'S MOM said...

NOTE ABOUT HER MISTY EYES WHILE PAPA LAY DYING.... She REFUSED to even call him, and he died thinking she hated him. By the way, if ANY of her stories of this horrid childhood were tue, where's the proof. ABUSE- not 1 police report... HOMELESS- name a shelter Gina, oh no thats right you can't. NEVER SEEN A SHELTER IN HER LIFE. ONCE MORE NONE OF HER FAMILY WILL HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ask yourself why???? I have sooooooooooo much more to say and I will, but there is so much, i want to know what everyone wants to know about.

Anonymous said...

Question Mom, have you ever posted comment's on Gina's blog/facebook?

GINA'S MOM said...

anwser no, Gina won't let anyone who might disagree with her be heard. That's 1 of the reasons I came here, someone told me to check out this site.... here I am lol. By the way I just went back and reread Gina's blog about Papa's death. 1st SHE WAS NOT HIS 1ST GRANDCHILD, she was the 3rd.. 2 I BOUGHT HER HER 1ST BIKE, it was a strawberry short cake bike for her 4th b-day. 3 CHECK OUT THE VERY LAST LINE.... Thanks for not dying on MY b-day Papa. SEE IT'S ALLLLLLLL ABOUT GINA. Funny how she was abused and crap like that, until she wants everyone to feel sorry for her loss. AND FURTHER MORE HER DISCRIPTION OF MY FATHER IS SUCHHHHHHHHHHH BULLSHIT. my dad was a hard working family man that loved his wife and kids more than life itself. WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE from any man. Once again the truth isn;t good enough so she just makes up shit to suit her. I feel really sorry for anyone who believes her. of course she NEVER LETS THE REAL TRUTH BE TOLD. Do a test, disagree with her and see how long it stays on her blog. LOL I give it 30 seconds from the time she sees it.

GINA'S MOM said...

Thanks wolf, ya my g-babies are my life. I have 4 g-sons and 3 g-daughters (that's including Gina's 3) and a g-daughter on the way. And I love everyone of them. I don't get to see Gina's but I put money in the bank for them on christmas and their b-days, I also buy cards, So when they turn 18 they will get them. That makes me sad, but what can I do. I just give all the others extra love. I really do get why my parents could overlook everything Gina was doing to them and still love her to death. That's how I feel about my g-babies now. That's also why I know how bad my mom is hurting now and how my father hurt before he died.

AND then Gyna's SISTER shows up




Anonymous said...

This is ginas sister. My mom is right about everything. Gina did say to my mom when I was pregnant right in front of me "why r u so happy about this baby, he is a bastard child?" Then gina goes and gets pregnant out of wedlock but then walks down the isle while pregnant. The only between me and her is she rushed to the alter. My sons father and I were already together for 2years and called eachother husband and wife before we decided to have our son. He was not an accident. We are now married 5years and together 10 years. So gina can fuck off with her holy almighty attitude. Gina's sis


GINA'S MOM said...

FOR ALL WHO WONDER IF I AM GINA'S MOM. THE ANSWER IS YESSSSSSS!!!! I know some may not believe me, but it's true. Gina was born on 5-3-78 in waukegan (sp?) Il. At 2:32 am. (for Gina Info in case she doesn't think it's me.) Unlike Gina I am open to fair comenents from either side. I know it's a little mean of me to be doing this, but I'VE HAD ALL I''M GONNA TAKE FROM HER. Please understand this crap has gone on since Gina was a kid and THE WHOLE FAMILY IS FED UP!!!! I was 17 and her father 14 (almost 15) when she was born. As for her IQ thats thanks to me, I worked with her everyday as did my younger sister to teach her anything and everything we could. I slept with music playing EVERY night from the day I found out I was pregnant until I moved out when she was 2 1/2. Because I read that it was great for baby's brain. Also My IQ is way above normal as well (though I don't make a point of telling the world about it). I made the deans list at elgin co col. in 1988-89, and got a 2 year degree in 11 months. Oh by the way for anyone who wants to know my name is Tammy Stockbridge, maiden name Crosley. And NO I NEVER FELT THE NEED TO KEEP MY LAST NAME OR MAKE MY HUSBAND TAKE MINE. I am very proud to have my husbands last name. I FULLY INTEND TO TAKE THIS ALL THE WAY, SO DON'T BE SURPRISED IF I DO END UP ON JERRY'S SHOW. I never thought I would do anything like that (not 1 to air my dirty laundry).But I never thought I could get so mad at my own child. I'm going to do a post after this 1 that just pulls up some of her out right lies. and fill you in on the truth. so read on.

GINA'S MOM said...

lie #1 that her parents were born in a 1 room cabin and carried water a mile to take a bath.... OMG---- where does she get this shit.I was born at Henrotin hosp in Chicago Il. I grew up in Chicago until age 15 at which time we moved out to the subs. (NEVER CARRIED WATER IN MY LIFE). At least not for bathing lol.
lie#2 that there were NO PLANNED PREGNANCIES IN OUR FAMILY, Bull shit!!!!!! It took 5 years of trying for me to have our last child, as far as I know EVERY BABY WAS PLANNED, (even Gina). Like I said before I just wanted a baby more than anything in the world and at 16 was too stupid to know what that really ment. Furthermore abortion has been legal in the US since 1973, if any of our babies were not wanted they wouldn't have to have been born. I asked my father more than once if he really wanted 5 kids, his response was always the same YES.... He said he really wanted more, but my mom couldn't have any more. Children are very loved in this family and everyone is well cared for.
lie #3 That she was beaten, BULLSHIT!!!! Like I said where's the proof??? Like the time a few months after Me and my husband moved to Fl, she called me saying that my dad had slapped her in the face for something and wanted me to fly her down to stay with me. Which I did (within 24 hours). Well as soon as she got here i found out why she really wanted to come, she went to a car dealer and made a deal with the guy there to sell her a brand new car IF I WOULD CO-SIGN THE LOAN. When I told her no, mind you she was not yet 17 and had no job. She then called her paternal g-mother in Il told her that I hit her (A HUGE LIE). And moved in with my neice. See she started young, she will say anything to get what she wants. truth be told Gina's biggest problem is that she was not spanked enough as a kid. GOTTA TAKE A BRAKE BUT I'LL BE BACK.

GINA'S MOM said...

lets make 1 thing clear I DON'T WANT TO REPAIR ME AND GINA.. That being said, If anyone of you had any isea how many times I have tried to "make it up to her" you wouldn't wonder why I've had it. For starters, Gina spent most of her adult life telling lies to me or my mom or sisters or anyone else that served her purpose at the time. She used to tell me such huge lies about "what my mom & sister told her about me. The sad thing is I used to believe her, then she would go to them and tell lies about me. SHE TORE MY FAMILY APART. And for what? ATTENTION thats it nothing more nothing less. Like i said before, the truth is just not exciting enough for her so she has to make shit up. As for sending gina an email or letter she would just refuse it anyway, I know I've tried. I am sick to death of saying I'm sorry for what ever shortcommings I may have. For 1 thing I'm not sorry, I've always done my very best for everyone of my kids including Gina. Perfect example- When Gina was a baby I kept a baby book, in it I wrote so many letters to her. Saying things like "it's 2 am on feb 13th 1979, you are sleeping in your crib, next to my bed". then i would go on to tell her how I loved her more than life and could not imagine life without her, you know the kind of feelings a mother has. Well when gina was about 15 I gave her the baby book. Her response was I know you just wrote all these letters and you just want something from me. LIKE WHAT? but that's Gina, By the way Gina was named after my dad (the one that just passed). If he was such a bad guy then why would I have named her after him, and why would i have allowed her to stay with them????? Also the last person made a very good point, Gina has said some trully rotten shit about me and my whole family for that matter and not once has any of us even responded to her shit. But right now I have a family full of support for this. what she has done to grandma and papa is unforgivable. I am the 1 who sat with my dad on his deathbed trying to explain WHY GINA DIDN'T CARE. As for me as a mother, sure I made mistakes, every mother does, I know my mother did too, but you move on. At some point it's up to you. OWN IT GINA!!! But the simple fact is Gina had it good, we may not have been the Trumps, but Gina NEVER did without. And She was given anything she asked for that we could give her, ie for her 13th b-day I rented a WHOLE skating rink for a b-day party for her, YES THE WHOLE RINK. As for "the pis cars that my dad gave her", she's the 1 who would fail to put oil ect in them. And who says your parents owe you a car anyway? Also she fails to tell anyone how her bio-dad co signed for a car that she allowed to be repoed- just didn't make the payments. She has insulted everybody in my family. And still I could have just over looked it, but I know my mothers heart is just aching over Gina not comming out to see her. My sister even offered to meet Gina at the airport before mom's flight tomorrow. Gina went bulistic on her, saying "you have no idea how hard it is to have 2 kids in and airport" and shit like that. Sorry but if her kids are so bad that she can't even take them to the airport to see grandma, i'd say she's the bad mom. i could take my kids anywhere, and they were always so good. And I never even so much as had to raise my voice, they were just taught from birth how to behave in a public place. I pray everyday for Gina to wake up and see what she's doing to this family, but since that is unlikly to ever happen, i have to fight back. MAYBE GINA WILL SEE HOW MUCH SHE HAS HURT MY MOM AND DAD. I doubt it. I just can't express enough how hurt my mom has been or the pain on my dads face before he died. And for that matter the pain i felt with her calling my beautiful g-son a bastard child. more to come

GINA'S MOM said...

IT'S NOT GINA, those of you who know her must know 1 thing, GINA LOVES GINA, And would never say anything bad about herself, oh no she's perfect didn't you know that LOL. As for her FB, My guess is either she doen't know yet or, she doen't what any of you to know the truth so she's keeping her mouth shut about it. But feel free to mention it to her if you like, I have NOTHING TO HIDE... Payback is a bitch. I am telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anyone who has any doubt about my ID please feel free to ask me something only a mother would know. but do keep in mind that we have been estraged since 2005, so the only contact I've had with her since then has been through the family and I mostly cut people off when they brought her up to me, in order to save myself from any further pain she might cause. Also if you go to Gina's FB you can find me through other family members on her FB account. IT'S FOR REAL PEOPLE, I AM HER MOM....

GINA'S MOM said...

see what I mean about being xxx out if you say anything Gina doesn't like. BUt the good news is GINA KNOWS about this and that is just what I wanted. And u r so right she doen't want the truth to come out. TOUGH SHIT GINA, IT'S COMMING OUT NOW. GUESS YOU SHOULD HAVE TREATED GRANDMA AND PAPA A LITTLE BETTER.... Who wants to bet she goes to the airport tomorrow so she can say "I did go see grandma". If she does, I'll be a VERY HAPPY GIRL. Like I said it's my mothers broken heart that was the last straw for me. Just so you know my mom has been up there for the last week and 1/2, NO GINA. My mom (who raised her) is 75, she's had breat CA and a brain tumor, how many more chances will she have to see her? God how I would love to see my g-ma just 1 more time.


GINA'S MOM said...

I'm sorry too really didn't mean to highjack your post, I'll move on if you want me to Coura. Hope not. If not the topic is up to the readers, what do you want to know about?........ P.S. i'm sure I'll be sorry for this someday, but NOT TODAY LMAO,,, Just thinking about My Mom and Dad.

GINA'S MOM said...

just wondering has anyone ever asked yourself, what kind of midwife would assist in a home birth post c-section? I know alot of Nurses and Dr.s (being a nurse myself). And so far they all agree the risks would just be too great. Don't get me wrong I'm not anti home birth, but I do think there are limits to anything. If I had tried to have Gina at home we would have both died. I almost died even in a hospital. Gina was a VERY LARGE baby and I am all of 98 lbs. And as for her "tramatic c-section" what a f-ing joke, I know for a fact that the Dr gave a coice to have a c-section or continue to labor a while longer. The baby's hr would drop during contractions and she was made to roll over to bring it back up. She was also allowed to hold him within the hour after he was born, but wheres the drama in that? NONE so she makes it up. Also think about it, if the 1st was an emergency, then would a normal person risk a home birth? IN MY BOOK BABY IS # 1, YOU THINK ABOUT HIM/HER 1ST. But not our Gina. I like the way my daughters Dr thinks, he says "hell I'd start the epidul in the parking lot if i could". He thinks every birth should be as pain free as poss with all the comfort a mommy and daddy want.Wish he had been my Dr. when I had Gina.

GINA'S MOM said...

I have nothing against John I know he's as much a victim of her lies as the rest of us, after all, all he knows is what she tells him. BUT CLEARLY GINA KNOWS ABOUT THIS NOW, though she doesn't have the guts to say her name, she did write above how the trolls are out in force tonight and sending her the info. LOL See if I was lying about anything she would at least try to defend herself, OH but that takes thought a lie always does. She has to figure out what to say first. She knows it's really me. RIGHT GINA!!!!! P.S. who you gonna have left when John finally leaves you (and I'm betting he will). You won't even have a "nanny" since your "nanny" is his mom. What- your so called friends, the only friends you have are on the internet, I doubt that will help you much. I'm not knocking internet friends people, but we all know thats not your family, wait I mean health people know it's not family. I LOVE THE FACT THAT GINA CAN'T STOP ME HERE...... I am 100% sure this has shocked her, she is so used to me and my family just taking her crap that any of us, let alone me fighting back is frealking her out......LMAO


GINA'S MOM said...

thank you, and u r right I'm sure, i'm also sure she is planning her revenge. I'M READY

 GINA'S MOM said...

I'm very sure it's locked, see that way ONLY PEOPLE WHO AGREE WITH HER CAN POST. for real people just say anything to piss her off and see how fast you will be gone too. IE: DARE HER TO DEBATE WHAT I'M SAYING, she won't, she can't keep her lies straight long enough to do that. BUT THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. to all who have shown me support on here. I really am feeling better just getting some of it out. And if that's all that comes from this it's enough for me. Thanks again. I'll be back

GINA'S MOM said...

wolf is so right she has hurt toooooooooooo many people, it's time she is called out

GINA'S MOM said...

just had to add 1 more thing, TRUE STORY,,,, before Gina met John (who really wanted kids) she used to say, she would never EVER have kids. In fact what she said was "breading should be left up to 4 legged animals", she even dumped her "best" friend because she got- as Gina called it "knocked up". Some friend right. And becuse she having kids now, she invented it...LOL Did u guys read about how she thought Bush was putting something in the water to cause all these pregnacies? See what I mean, the birth rate didn't go up. but since Gina is (was)pregnant she thinks she somehow started it. Just wonder how did everyone else get here? If you haven't read that 1 you really must (before she deletes it. you will be rolling on the floor.

GINA'S MOM said...

Like I said before, I have no hard feelings toward John, He too will see her true colors someday. In fact i know he has already seen more than he will admit. nut that being said.. "crackhead" Come on John you can do better than that, has Gina taught you nothing? And when we met they didn't have any kids. Who does he think you are ms lisa? I KNOW I'M GETTING UNDER HER SKIN NOW, SHE'S HAD TO SICK HER BHOY TOY ON ME....LMAO (sorry John, I' really am not mad at you. I know you don't know the truth yet).

GINA'S MOM said...

JUST A THOUGHT--- Who would claim to be TFB's mother if she wasn't. I mean we all know the kinda stuff she has said about me. Also to some degree I am ashamed to have had ANY part in raising such a @#$%#..... It would have been alot easier to have said something like "I know her personaly"
The simple fact is, I AM REALLY HER MOM. And that is why you will NOT see her use her own name on here to rebutt ANYTHING I say. She knows the truth EVEN IF SHE WON'T ADMIT IT.

It took alot of GUTS for me to come on here and say these things. If you knew me you'ld know how unlike me something like this is. But I just couldn't stand anymore of the "PERFECT GINA SHIT". It's time everyones just what kind of person she really is. And after all what do I have to lose, she already hates me (at least now she has a reason).

GINA'S MOM said...

OK GINA HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO STOP ME. If you will go online and admit that you have lied or even say you have stretched the truth about your family and your up bringing, then I will stop this. ALSO you must call your grandma and at least say you are sorry for not comming out to see her. (that should be easy for you, you are a very good liar). If you refuse (AND I KNOW YOU WILL). Then the gloves are off, and from this day forward I will say what ever I want, when ever I want to rebutt your bullshit about our family. P.S. I know you xxxxx my sister from your FB. (don't want to use her name, but Gina knows who it is). But we ALL think it's funny, NEVER EVER DISAGREE WITH GINA...LOL

GINA'S MOM said...

In my whole life I never thought I would or could entertain so many people. I am glad you are all having so much fun with this, albeit That was not why I started doing this, just a nice side effect. That goes for those who choose to dis me ( I have no problem with that ). I'm a firm believer it the "2 sides to every story". I'm just finally telling my side. I wish there had been a more private way to tell Gina how I feel, but like I said Gina refuses to hear from anyone who doesn't kiss her ass and agree with every word she says. This has been building in me and for that matter my whole family for years, I'm just venting. Isn't that what blogging is all about? No one is being forced to read this. But I am greatful to all those who have read it, yes both those who agree and those who don't. After all if I only wanted people to agree with me I'd put this on my own website so I could xxxxx out anyone who doesn't agree. And that would make me GINA. SO GO ON FOLKS HAVE FUN WITH IT, I AM.....


GINA'S MOM said...

Coura, I'm sorry to disagree but I know when she wrote that post, and that is exactly how she really felt, I was told to read it by a family member who knew for a fact that not only did Gina believe it was true, but was raving about it to anyone who didn't laugh at her (BTW, those who did laugh got a very rude remark). That's what she's like, if Gina's doing it SHE INVENTED IT. Before she met John, she thought (and made it clear to all) that she was NEVER gonna have kids, she couldn't stand babies, she was 10 when her youngest sister was born and I think she held her once. She dumped friends who had babies ect... But after she met John and he made it clear he wanted kids, she made a complete 180, suddenly she couldn't get enough of any baby (EXCEPT HER OWN NEPHEW- the little bastard). Her name for him. That's Gina the whole world loves her. The whole wants to be like her and she knows everything about everything. That post is exactly what I'm talking about when I say "Gina's reality". Like when she did the gender show, she made out like she had the perfect marriage, but I know for a fact that he and John had been fighting for weeks and had even talked about divorce just the day before. Gina wants to be famous, and she will say or do anything that she thinks will get her there. I agree with you Coura, a person would have to be nuts to really believe that crap, but she really does.

GINA'S MOM said...

I COULD NOT AGREE MORE WITH ANON 3:54, We (my family) have all said the same things. we should have compaired notes all in 1 big room. But we never did, until this past few weeks/years. Plus I think like any mother I wanted to believe that my daughter was telling me was the truth. The point I was making with this is the kind of pain that Gina caused my mom and dad, all the rotten lies she wrote about them, followed by these past few weeks ect.... Was just more than I could take. All of this crap has been eating at me for years. I would love nothing more than to confront her with a lie detector test (for both of us). so people can see that even though her childhood may not have been perfect, it was better than most, she was surrounded by more love than any kid I knew at the time and she paid us all back by telling 1 lie after another. If she needed to tell these lies to make herself sound more interesting, fine. but she could have told her family that's why she was doing it and not to read anything into it. The fact is, she will step on anybody that gets in her way. EVEN THOSE WHO GAVE EVERYTHING THEY HAD TO GIVE.

as for jamie; I respect your right to say anything you like. But I just wonder, why you can't respect anothers right to do the same. I wouldn't dream of calling you names, I don't even know you. The fact is I think you are trying to take the focus off of this blog and put it on you and how you feel, saying that, I think you can understand why I will not respond to you again (unless you wish to remain on the topic at hand) . If it means alot to you to bash me, feel free. i'm a big girl and I know what kind of g-mother I am, so have fun.

Anonymous said...

I just changed my FB setting so anyone can go there, I'll leave it that way for a hour or so then change it back. Maybe thats why I've had no messages.... GINA'S MOM

GINA'S MOM said...

the last anon 8;49 is on the right page. That little angel is tha same grandson that Gina called a bastard when he was just a little baby. He was my 1st born g-son and he is the love of my life. That is 1 of the reasons why i know how much my mom is hurting by what Gina did, If that little guy ever did that to me and my husband I think it would just kill us. I know now how much a grandma can love a grandchild.!/tammy.stockbridge. I hope this helps everyone find my page. Like I've said I have nothing to hide.

At this point her identity was varified by Facebook (I edited out her private info)


Anonymous said...

Wow, it really is Gina's Mom. So, so crazy.

GINA'S MOM said...

Oh Thanks for clearing that up. I did vote for the woman under her. Note to lisa jarret, i did accept you on my face book. I just wanted everyone to know, I hardly ever go online (except to play video poker). So if I don't seem to understand all the blogging rules and such, it's not that I'm an idiot, just new at it...... P.S. My Mom is back home with me now, I just got her ready for bed and put a movie on for her. She's resting well. She did say that she was VERY SAD That Gina wouldn't go and see her, She then started to tell me how she had always done everything Gina asked of her and bought her anything she wanted that they could. I almost started crying again, and i told her that me and everyone else that knows us knows that, but that Gina only cares about Gina and there is just nothing that can change that now. I had to change the subject, because my mom then started to cry and tell me how heartbroken my dad had been. If I had not changed the subject i would have just lost it and the tears would flow all night again. My other 3 kids are so great though --- like a flash they ALL started saying you still have us grandma, and the babies too. GOD BLESS THEM.


GINA'S MOM said...

As for the schools, Yes Gina whet to alot of schools, i would say about 6 maybe 7. They did move a few times , they lived in florida during some winters (my father was a roofer) So he could not work in Chicago during the winter months. That being said I went to alot more schools and I have not just 1 degree but 2. As for mental health, None in my family that I know of (maybe some mild depression, in my elderly mother). As for her fathers family, none that I know of. We are all pretty average. BTW Gina always had the option of living with me and my husband, in a very nice home and not changing schools. SHE made the choice to stay with Grandma and Papa. As for that crap about them not supporting her with school I can't even tell you what bullshit that is, while Gina was a very smart child NEVER did any school want to jump her up in grades, if they had she would have done it. My 6 year old g-son is like that he's in 1st grade, but his math skills are way above that I'd say around that of a 5th grader (at least). He's already doing algabra. But even though he's in 1st grade the school put him in 3rd grade math classes. We were all for it. We all believe that EVERY child should be challanged. Gina just blames anyone she can for her own problems. She f-ed up in high school because SHE wanted to. Plus if she was soooooooooo advanced then why didn't she just go get her GED (that's what I did). I was already taking col courses when my classmates were still in thier sr year.

And That, friends is all available for your viewing pleasure at The Feminist Bragger