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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vaccine NEWS!!

Dear Mama Tao,
I just found out, almost too late but not quite yet too late, the TRUTH about the chicken pox vaccine.  I was almost going to let my baby have it even with all the toxins because my husband fearmongered me with big words like "encephalitis" and "sepsis," but I was doing my vaccine research when I stumbled on teh TRUTH!  
The chicken pox vaccine will turn my baby into a chicken.  I heard it from my peer and when we all reviewed it we thought she must be right, so it passed the peer review test like every good theory has to do according to the Thinking Woman's Guide to Making My Own Peer Reviewed Studies At Home.
Now, I like chickens and eggs, and my baby being a chicken might be a good way to get some farm fresh eggs, but then the truth became as obvious as an infected pox in the tip of someone's nose.   People eat chickens, if they are not as educated and vegetarian except for placentas as those of us who have EDUCATED ourselves are.  The chicken pox vax is actually part of a SECRET PLAN hatched by Big Pharma and The Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!  You bring your baby in thinking she will be safe from a disease that only killed some kids and made all of us only sort of miserable, but really?  She's on her way to becoming a Double Down.  
Now I know the TRUTH and will not let my baby become a double down, nor a McChikenz nor a nugget or tender of any kind.  Nor a soup.  Nor a pot pie.  If only people were educated like me, instead of educateMED, they would see the truth too.  However, I fear for them it is too late.  
Never will my baby ever get turned into a chicken again, even if she might get better from being a chicken almost like in that documentary about Python Monty and the Holy Gruel but not quite. I already called my BFF Jenny, and sent out emails to my naturopath, chiropractor, herbalist, iridologist and non-toxic dry cleaning lady, but I knew that you would want this knowledge for yourself and to help defeat The Kentucky Fried Children conspiracy.  
I would explain more about all I have learned from my researching, but typing while tandem nursing my 15 babies under age 13 is really hard for any mama.
Love, Light and May your Quinoa be Plentiful,
Mindy Moonbeam

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