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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CONTEST!! Win A Patho Phizz Scrub!

You guys remember a few years ago, there was this rapper by the name of Erik Schrody? He was also known as Everlast, Whitey Ford and "that guy from House of Pain". Jump Around!! If Mr. Schrody were to go and see a medmonster, they'd probably throw him in the booby hatch for his various identity issues.

Not so much here at The Mama Tao. We see Multiple Personality Disorder as just another variation of normal. In fact, the number of personality variation amoung the Taoites is exceptional. I believe at this moment, I myself am balancing a number of other Pseudonyms. And you should too!

[Brilliant transition into next paragraph]

Our friends at Patho Phizz have offered up a wonderful Prize to one of you lucky readers out there! What do you have to do? I'll tell you and some of you Hippies ain't going to like it.

Take a Picture of Yourself Doing Something Science-y!!!!

I know that many of you are like..."Wha?"

It's easy! Send me a picture of you or your kids doing something that involves science and the Staph at Patho Phizz will pick which one they like the best and YOU win a free scrub top! Yay!!

Here are some ideas:

She Makes Fire and plays with Aerosol cans!!

She causes a Chemical Reaction!
She reads Smart People Books!
So hope off your log and snap a shot of your best Fake Persona getting they Science on!

Please submit your photos to and good luck!!

Zdogg showing off one of Patho Phizz's lovely Scrubs.


  1. Here's my submission. Baby learns about PHYSICS!

  2. Haha! I love it. I love that pink boom stick too!!

  3. damn we just vaccinated my dog today (in the comfort of our home, no over medicalized vaccinations for us!). Should have gotten a picture.

  4. Ahem, my children do not do science. I will submit a photo of Blueberry Dream doing her organic gardening.