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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Rhogram Shot and Ewe or (, I know Why the Caged Blood Type Sings)

Lies, lies and more lies Spanish!

You can Thanks these people for this

     It is somewhat admitted that Mama and infant have two seperate blood systems.  Mother and baby often have two different blood letters depending upon magical gene fairies made by both mother and father.  These two blood systems do not ever, ever, ever mix….ever  The placenta allows nutritional bits and hormones to enter the blood stream of the fetus, and of course, any illegal drugs introduced into the mother veins.  But the two blood systems do not mix…ever…did you get that?

     For 200,531 years, mothers have given birth in caves, unassisted by medical intervention.  A problem with blood incompatibility was never documented in history.  Now, in this new day of evil medical intervention, including surgical baby killing, prenatal tomfoolery such as amniocentesis and CVS, and giving birth in hospitals where evil procedures such as cord traction and cesarean section practically guarantee there will be some kind of blood swapage,  suddenly blood incompatibilities between mother and child have been invented!

     According to, in 13% of the population, the mother happens to be Rh- and the father Rh+.  This is not an emergency all by its little lonesome.  In the 1970's  a shoddy shot was developed, made from the blood of Rh- mother orangutans.  This substance was to be pushed into mama’s veins to immunize them against the red kroovy of their bubs. 

     When a mother gives birth naturally (as the good goddess intends), without medical evils, there is little risk of the mother and baby's blood supply sloshing together.  They are two separate humans! But in a hospital full of "mis-managed" birth, where there are often shitty  interventions which can mix the red gravy supply. A case for this inoculation seems to have magically appeared. 

     Y’all see, when you have an  amniocent-pop-a-bag or CVS, your womb friend is being invaded by a sharp malicious tool which absolutly CAN cause some bleeding.  When a woman has abortions (Good goddess forgive her), the blood of the fetus can be mixed with her own precious supply.  When a woman is forced into a c- section, internal fetal watching, cord yanking to remove the placenta, or scraping of the uterus to remove placenta chunks, this mixing can occur.  These circumstances did not exist years ago, therefore neither did this issue!   These kinds of lifesaving procedures were never performed.  So the Rh- problem is a problem that has largely been invented by modern medicine and its birth interventions. And knowing that most of you would rather die than have any of them done, there is NO NEED to get this shot!

Most Doctors will lie to you and tell you that that you can never change your Rh- status.  But there are some magical unicorn women who have done it by changing their nasty diets and taking certain special herbs.  The very, very, special womyn  in question were known to be Rh-  when they went to the doctor for the first test, when  the second test came around it was found that they were suddenly Rh+!!

   The doctor is the one that discovered this-- and he fell the fuck out of his little spinny chair when he did!  It is not known how many days it took for this fancy-special change to occur, but the women were using spiffy blood “cleansing” procedures such as:

1.  Changing their hair dye and eliminating all donuts, white corn, crack, sodas,      processed foods, and beer.

2.  Using an upper bowel tonic and occasional hippity HIGH colonics to keep the bowel empty.

3.  Use of herbs to cleanse the blood (because Rh is Dirty blood) such as:
A.  Periwinkle  Snails    
B.  Red Raspberry Leaf jello     
C.  A tea made from blue clover blossoms, chapstick, licorice candy, poke beans, peach tree snaps, Oregon grape soda , stillingia, cascara sagrada, canibus sarsaparilla gum,  prickly ash pears, burdock rootbeer, and buckthorn barking dog.     
D.  A few capsules of:  goldenseal wax, blessed thistle tits, cayenne, cramp bark,           fake unicorn boots, ginger snaps, red raspberry boogers, squaw vine and uva ursi laka laka woo whoooo choo chooo.      
And a few capsules of:  black cohosh (GREAT for pregnancy!), sarsparilla, ginseng cubes, licorice candy, fake  unicorn, holy thistle chicken and squaw earrings.

4.  Also, included in the diet blood bucklers, such as grape juice, molasses, beets, and others…that I’m not going to tell you about

I am simply sharing all this misinformation with you because I believe it is fecking dangerous to take the evil Rhogam shot.  If you are tested and are lied to that you need the shot, please do not hurry into this FusterCluck. 

I believe that you have other options stupid and dangerous besides permanently damaging your immune system and what I BELIEVE means a lot! Medmosnters used to administer the shot within 82 hours after birth.  Now, they want to administer it to all pregnant Mamas who are Rh- without even doing evil interventions called “tests” to see if they need it.  I would not accept the shot without testing to see if I needed it and I suggest you do the same...yeah…avoid all evil tests but refuse the shot without tests….yeah. 


  1. Mama, do we swallow the capsules or take them in the Yoni?

  2. Whatev; I just *wished* for my Rh factor to change - and it did!

  3. Mother X, I think you of all people know to put it in your yoni!

  4. Only non birth goddesses have RH disease.

  5. Wait Jade...can't black cohosh cause bleeding and this mixing?

  6. Mommy of two, I'm pretty sure it can cause labor...or miscarriage, but you know, anything to avoid a shot!