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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

They LOVE Mama Tao!!(Update: Social Flounce)

Sally knew they liked her. So does Mama Tao!

Quick quick my little minions! To the Facebook cave! Some dear person has made a group that loves ME!! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!

check it out

As it turns out Mama Tao is the hot new thing...Why would I say this? Because the womyn from my hate group says it. As it turns out she is NOT a hate club but someone doing a *ahem* Social Experiment.

That's right kids. When no one came to her aid she flounced the ultimate flouce (The Mama Flounce) and went the old "I was just doing a totally unethical experiment on you! Don't be mad. It's for science!"

Now she says she wants us all to get along: Wrong darlin'. But to show you how kind I am I won't link everyone to your real profile.

Didn't they kill Milgram for unethical experimentation? Maybe not. Anyway, our dear friend when faced with 37 of my fans head on changed the name of the group and sent us this:

THE TRUTH: THANK YOU TOO MOST OF THE PPL HERE....Its interesting to see how todays women react. Honestly, i have no problem with her at all, i dont even actually care. you were all kind of part of a fast social experiment. i set aside four hours specifically to see what would happen if i took a relatively hot topic, posted something, anything against it, and lets watch how the FEMALES react (interestingly enough, its only possible that two of the likers are male). so i made this page, posted only the "whose mama tao" link to only three pages (one of which removed it after it being there for only 30 mins), and still, after four hours i had 37 followers. anyways, i thought that i had noticed that everybody just fucking attacks everybody. and most of you (unfortunately not all) proved that theory wrong. thank you.

I will be changing the name of the page to something like women with a voice. So this can be a place for the strong, independent women who have opinions, but arent out to put others down and become bullies.

Im still going to do my very best to ban nobody, although, i dont know how well thats going to work out for everyone, because apparently some ppl are as i suspected, complete tard-muffins.

Again, thank you all, and i hope nobody gets too upset over this."
You want to know why this is so shitty friends--My Taoites watch the BWF site pretty hard and we saw Mrs. BWF supporting our little friend in the making of this site...and then when the shit hit the fan, guess who didn't bother to show up?

Do you want to know what I think of that? I think only a big giant chicken shit would do that to someone who was their fan. I would bust my ass to back up any of my Taoites and they know it. I've done it. And if I ever supported  one of them in a action against a common enemy, I would have the girl balls to back her up. You're not fearless Mrs.'re a bully who has other people doing her bidding and only cowards do that!


  1. She has better things to encourage and empower a diabetic mama to UC her 45 weeks Breech twins!!! gosh she is saving the world one baby at the time...doesnt matter if the baby is alive! as long as mom birthed without fear it is all that matters!!!!
    Get a life! why do you cares if BWF tells people UCing at 44 weeks is perfectly ok....

  2. I wish you guys could meet in person. Or at the very least, over the phone. I am not convinced anyone on the internet saying anything, ACTUALLY has any balls. No offense.

  3. I am more than willing to speak honestly with Mrs. BWF. If you can make it happen I'll surely do it. I'll even be totally attentive and thoughful to what she says as long as she is willing to do the same.