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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tragically, This Must Be Said

A Guest Post By  Mr. T.A.O

Mr. T.A.O here, Ladies! If you've been eating popcorn and watching this whole drama fest go down, you may have noticed that my darling Mama Tao did not update her blog until much later in the day. With all the ruckus on facebook, my little honey was snuggled up in her bed--sobbing.

Was she upset about the events of the day? Nope, but she is on her rag so she commanded me to sit here and write you this letter.

I know that many of you ladies out there cannot depend on, or even expect your dashing knights to come to your honor, but I am one pussy whipped little bitch boy! If my lady can't fight her cat fights on her own then I will come on here with my fancy quack degree and slam her critics personally. I'll even stoop as low as to post on parody blogs asking what certificate the author has giving her the authority to write parody.  I mean, not everyone is allowed to have an opinion. We learned that in Quack College!

So there are a few things I feel like I need to clear up.

A) Stop bothering my wife with your dead baby stories! No one wants their pretentious rainbow bubble popped and I can't stand to hear her bitching about it. Considering you have scared so many women I felt obligated to start a nasty rumor about you. I am very mature

B) Women who do that up there get banned down here. Get it? And stop with the facts. My wife does not like to be disagreed with and I don't like her to be disagreed with either--she hurts me when that happens.

C) Women who do both of those things up there and also this stuff I am about to say get banned too. Going around a public forum posting messages that my wife does not like makes you a troll. Who cares if you think you have a point and that the only reason you are getting banned is because MT does not agree. You have no right to post things! If you had the right to post things you would be able to do it...wait?

D) People who do those things, plus the other things that you do, up there and down here where your actions can get banned. Since you feel the need to follow my wife thought the whole foods and hack her website from a payphone in Kentucky, I have the right to protect my wife. I know that all of these things must be related. Don't be calling me paranoid...I know this is all is one person...I KNOW IT'S YOU! Only one person disagrees with Me...I mean us...

So please enjoy this lovely community made up of snarky asshats who love to laugh and just ignore the people who are sucking up all this Monoxide that should all belong to Mama Tao.


  1. Mama Tao doesn't have a husband, or children for that matter. She just does this all for the attention. It's quite obvious.

  2. Can you post about John again tomorrow? And Mr./Mrs. BWF? And maybe the next day? This reminds me of a soap opera, where you come back in a year and everyone is still saying the same thing (don't get me wrong, I like soap operas...thus, this comment). is good to make progress, Byotch!

  3. If they would quit giving me sooooo much ammo. Everyday it's like like The Dance of The Clusterfuck Fairy. Oh look, there she goes...she's crying again.

    Thanks for the input, Emily!

  4. What are you guys talking about? I am totally inspired by Mama T as she is a birthing goddess and I want to be just like her!
    This is a clear case of cyberbullying.

  5. I agree! She clearly disagrees with me! And Yet I post her strange?

  6. OMG mama Tao, you are my birthing goddess hero. Don't let the haters get you down!

  7. Ilithyia MoonstoneMay 8, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    It's more than cyberbullying! It's interstate internet harassment and you should call the FBI! You're the greatest birth goddess ever (after me of course) and this woman is clearly enraged with jealousy over her failure as a womyn!!!

  8. Lets get something clear !!If they dont want people to make remarks about their lives...and failure to provide a stable living arangement for their children...dont share that info!!!!!! very simple.They are really giving us the sticks to beat them....
    orgasmic mom.

  9. I am so lost about what's going on...what did you do that was "so wrong" to them? Totally confused...usually I can follow this. lol

  10. Sorry Maggie. I'll post something more open tomorrow ;)

  11. Why can't there be a "like" button?

  12. It's tomorrow.


  13. I'm working on'll be out ...tomorrow *Cowers*

  14. Normally, I don't like you or your craptastic blog, but this was actually funny!

  15. Why don't you just accuse them of....I dont know...killing your cat..... slashing your tires.... sending you rotten pieces of placenta...that would make the public feel real sorry for you. The greatest thing about that is that you dont need to prove anything!!
    Orgasmic mama!