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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monday Redos-day--Premies At Home

What would you say if I told you that I had my second baby at 21 week at home? Some of you who favor the medical establishment might believe that is impossible. How is it that Mama Tao’s son was born at 21 weeks with fully mature lungs and weighing 7lbs 12 oz?
The answer is a combination of mind control and divination, intuition and trust in birth.
When I first started to go into labor I asked my body and my baby “Is it time for birth?” I then consulted the windshield wiper method of divination (You slap the rod that controls your wipers, if nothing happens your answer is no. If they turn on your answer is yes.)  The windshield wipers of my car turned on full speed! An overwhelming YES from nature and my baby! We were ready to birth.
The truth is that every one of us Mama’s gestates at a different pace. While some people say that even full term babies sometimes have trouble with immature lungs, this is simply because the Mama in question did not spend enough time visualizing her infant at full term—how is any baby supposed to thrive without positive thinking?
Because we all gestate differently it is possible for a baby to be born full term at 21-57 weeks and be perfectly healthy! You never know when exactly conception took place!
Now some of you might ask what to do if you get a "no" answer from the windshield wipers and yet you are still having contractions? The answer is simple—use the Freedom of Labor Breathing Technique!
Simply take a few deep breaths and tell your body to slow down. Some sheeple might call this “false labor” but we don’t believe that mush! No labor is false, it is simply your body connecting with the stars to perfectly time your babies zodiac!
So the next time you feel that your body might be going into labor early—stop and try to see if the universe is ready for this tiny soul to enter the world! Babies know what zodiac symbol they want to be!1!

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