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Friday, May 13, 2011

And The Winner Is...

The Wonderful Staph at Patho Phizz Scrubs have spent the  last few days feverishly debating in their desert research facility debating over the UNnatural pictures you all sent in. We are happy to say that no one was harmed during this process.

They have, however come up with a winner!

"After much deliberation, the staph at Patho Phizz has finally come to an agreement. We all really liked the idea of matches and aerosol, and were especially fond of the idea of the use of safety glasses, "Look out, we're going to need the safety glasses for this one." But we didn't think it fair to vote for the example. So, we (everyone else is out of the room right now)decided that we really like my favorite, Ball Baby the most. Nothing like a pack of cheese stuffed into the water faucet to spark scientific inquiry. That and playing with balls. So, parent(s) of ball baby, you win. Send us your size, address and most favorite scrub top design and prepare to wow your world. "

And the winner of The Mama Tao and Patho Phizz Science Picture Contest is..............................

Ta Da!

Baby has chosen to study the hydrodynamic pressure increase caused by plugging the opening of a water faucet with cheese and its effect on a stationary rubber ball. She's very advanced.


  1. I accept on behalf of Baby Ball, and we promise to ritually destroy the scrubs as they represent all that is unnatural about science. I mean, they are part PETROCHEMICAL fiber. Ewww.