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Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Redos-day- Homebirth of a Lithopedion

We don't always like to talk about what happens when a miscarriage does not evict the body. We here at Mama Tao believe that all babies, even those who have passed, deserve the sanctity of the Mama's womb.

Sometimes after giving a baby weeks, months and years to pass without the "help" of a D&C, we find ourselves in physical possession of a lithopedion or Stone Baby. It is nature’s way of keeping your dead zygote form infecting your blood (Isn't nature wonderful?!). The body of your little on is calcified in your womb forever!

For some of us though, we want to be able to have more children and until we get this ghost baby out of us, we are unable to do so!

When it comes time to birth (and it IS birth) your stone baby, you need to go someplace where it is quite and you feel special and sacred! Some may choose their bed while others prefer a toilet! It's all up to you.

Begin the birth by drinking Pepsi, Coke or any processed food as it is the surest way to abort a baby!

You will have contractions much like a live birth and eventually your baby will pass. At this point you will have a lovely stone statue to place on your fire place mantle to always remember your loved one! And your womb will be free to have more babies!

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