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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Redos-day : Uber Unschooling!

By : Dr. Jules Norton

Here is the truth, the reality, that only the insane deny.

You can't force somebody to learn.

You can't force somebody to want to learn.

And if you try you will permanently eradicate both the ability and the desire to do so.

Schools are based on forced learning. If you HAVE to be there, if you HAVE to learn on somebody else's timetable, if you HAVE to learn in the mode they dictate, if you HAVE to demonstrate what you have learned on demand, you are the victim of forced learning, which means you haven't learned anything at all.

The evidence ? How many people who have been through the school system read or write ?

Almost none.

Their numbers are vanishingly rare.

And that is what the inherently coercive school system was designed to produce.

Passive people who believe that they DON'T seek truth and knowledge out of CHOICE, who just don't realize the system designed school to batter the desire to learn out of them, to ensure unquestioning compliance.

The inevitability of a coercive education is that skills, like information, are never acquired in a concrete, lasting fashion.

The "glue" that allows ANYTHING learned to be retained is is that it was freely chosen by the learner, so that which is learned at the behest of another has no "glue" and cannot "stick".

This is the point of compulsory schooling.

Think about it, If people were not forced into literacy then they might freely choose it.

In which case they would learn to read and remain able to read

And then they might learn what the ruling classes preferred they did not.

So the fastest method to create mass illiteracy is to FORCE literacy upon them, literacy that will fade posty coercion, leaving a person so put off from learning by the coercive education that they endured that they remain a member of the lifelong illiterate.

School is a conspiracy. An inoculation called coercive learning. To make sure that nobody is infected by the virus called "I want to know how to read, write and learn". As usual vaccinations are the enemy of the people and the tool of a government intent on harming the people it is supposed to serve.

The reality is that the illiteracy figures are misleading, they count only the innately rebellious, who refused to conform to synthetic testing, but they do not count the greater bulk, the huge numbers, damn near the majority, who REGRESS from proficiency to near illiteracy very rapidly once they are free from required learning.

Vast swathes of anecdotal evidence, and our own instinctual response to what is abundantly obvious to anybody who refuses to conform to the mind set of "worker ant" culture, recognize and prove that forced acquisition is not real, long term acquisition.

We see the same with studies in the animal kingdom.

Observations of the utterances of a parrot badgered into repeating "pretty Polly" demonstrated that when you cease to demanding the parrot repeat the phrase they fall silent....and remain silent.

Left to its own devises (in post coercion trauma), the parrot will not seek to mimic again in the future as a reaction to enforced learning.

Whereas wild parrots are widely observed to pick up a wide ranging vocabulary from other species, creating a sub form of communication between their own kind. A direct result and example of autonomous learning born from intrinsic motivation, which contrasts strongly with the experience of the parrot who "went to school".

The parrot study is unequivocal evidence that we should NOT force learning, including the acquisition of skills, on human beings. And the government KNOWS this !

If you are reading this, it is not because you learned to read at school.

You are reading this because you are one of the lucky few, as a free thinker your greater than average desire to learn was left more intact than the norm.

Sub consciously you retaught yourself the skill, on your own terms, after your forced skill acquisition gained in the classroom faded.

Most people don't even realize they are doing it, because sub consciously they do not wish to recognize the great harm done to them by the powers that be. These are you typical unschoolers, or "very relaxed" homeschoolers.

The very special few, who from the earliest age resisted the mind control of the power mongers, are self observant enough to be relatively aware of this phenomenon. On some level they consciously recognize the truth of how they lost and sought to re-acquire the potential to make sense of the squiggles on that page. These are the unschooling elite. The leaders who light the path for the more average unschooler, who still struggles with clarity of vision and comprehension of what harm coercive learning has done to them and those around them.

These precious few, non sheeple, self observant types who recognize, sub consciously at worst or consciously at best, the extent they had to relearn even the most basic skills, all over again post compulsory education, have the lucky children. Because these are the kids who IF they chose to learn to read will only have to learn once, rather than twice, the second time around shackled by the scars left by a coercive education.

And these are the children that will be the ones who form the cacophony demanding that the old order end.

Silenced no more by the gag forced into the mouths of babes as they are forced every younger into classrooms with the "smiling" teacher whose facial contortions lasts just as long as it takes to bang the door shut in the face of the bleating parents, themselves the product of the same tired old system of control, thus left impotent to see it for what it is.

So now you know why they fear us and seek to persecute us out of existence.

Because the future belongs to the unschoolers.

Because they who chose to be free, will not only be the emancipated, they will become the emancipators, by leading by example.

Did you really expect that to make you popular in a world full of those too afraid to step out of the relentless, uniform march dictated for them ? Did you really think they would allow you to challenge the status quo without repercussions ? Do you really think they won't seek to destroy us given that we are the greatest threat to their perfect plan of complete mind control ? We need to spread the message faster, wider, with greater emphasis while we still have time, before we are silenced FOREVER.

We have to underline the message until the masses see it. You can't force learning, school is forced learning, you went to school, you were forced to learn to read, and that is why you are illiterate today. WAKE UP and stop fighting those of us who wish to save us all, by making a stand against the powers that be who would leave us all imprisoned by IGNORANCE, cunningly disguised as providing an free education for all !
Dr. Jules Norton has a Ph.D in Holistic Anthropology and teaches said subject at TER Community College in Grand Rapids


  1. Reading and writing is overrated. Especially for girls. I will teach my daughters the basics though so that they can share their own experiences of being birth goddesses via the internet when they become mothers (aka real womyn) in a few short years.

  2. Clearly all one needs to do is be able to share their birthing goddessness on the web. Kudos Mama!