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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Like Moths to My Flames-News

These friends, are the very days of my life! I don't know what that means but you'll take it and you'll like it or I'll have you spayed.

In other news we have to announce that a new forum has opened up in the wonderful world of NATURAL parenting! We welcome into our folds the wonderful Mrs. BWFOD or Mrs. Birth Without Fear Of Dissent! How exciting.

The policy for submit your opinion is pretty stiff though so do be careful what you say. Being good little Taoites I'm sure you will have no problem. Just remember that nothing is too NATURAL in this world.
All of that might be based on this:

"I have a zero tolerance policy at this point. Acuse me of something I am not, attack anyone for their choices, do any fear mongeing, post a fake question...banned" ~Mrs. BWF



Mama Tao Learns About Allergic Reactions
In other news our contest is going strong. I am giving you guys a week to get your pictures sent to me and please remember that one of you lucky duckies will win a lovely Pathogen shirt from our friends at Patho Phizz! Do It Do It Do It!!

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