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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There Was a Midwife Had a Dog.....

Whip out your kids and breastmilk White Russians ladies! It's time to play a game! It's Natural Childbirth  BINGO!! Just mix up cards and print. You can use dried placenta pills for markers. How many of these accomplishments or phrases have you done or used?


  1. I got a blackout! Does that mean I get a special prize??

  2. Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo!

  3. BINGO!!!! This is too easy. I say all those things many times every day. Today I had BINGO three times before I even had my cup of organic free trade coffee with soy milk!

    I'm so crunchy!!! Eeee!!!

    I was going to run some errands today, but this BINGO game has empowered and inspired me. Instead of running to the post-office, I'm gonna stay home and earn my doula certification. Oh, heck... I might go all the way and become a Direct Entry Midwife!!! I've got a couple of hours to kill and I know of a super top notch online program!

    I can't wait to start getting paid just for being so awesome and crunchy! Yeaaaa!!! (((new career)))

  4. What a moronic blog. You're not embarrassed about spending your life criticizing others? I feel sorry for you and what must be a sad life.

  5. Not nearly as moronic as posting on blogs thinking that the person writing them is not flipping you

  6. OMG how could you forget GARLIC CURES EVERYTHING. Jeeze. Your obviously not crunchy enough.