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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's So Offensive About Guggie? An Easter Story

While most of us are all busy shunning Nestle' this Easter Season, Mr. Guggie Daly of The Daily Guggie Daly, has been pissing off Christian and C-section Mama's left and right. Why the fuss? Apparently Ms. Daly has compared the Crucifixion  of Christ to C-Sections, Circumcision, Miscarriages and Vaccinations. Yes, many Mama's have been left feeling like Cookie Monster singing "One of these things is not like the other things" Meanwhile she had taken liberties with a popular hymn and used it for her advantage.

I also like to play this game, so in defense of Guggie I have made my own offensive comparisons!

For Example:


Baby born during C-Section
Is like this...

Rape Victim

Birth Control Pills
Is like this..

German Chart showing how the Eugenics program could save the German Race
But most importantly that this:
Is like this:

As you can see, all of these things are very much the same. I think Guggie would feel that way too. Have I offended anyone? I doubt it. Perhaps it's because I have tact pity for your eyeballs. Go on over and check out Guggie's post though. She won't have pity on you.


  1. I love Guggie, she is SO enlightened- what a genius to compare CS with a heathy baby to crucifixion!

  2. I've been mentioned in a blog!

    think you are attempting to be sarcastic, but I find your two additional analogies are worth considering.

    If a woman feels she was raped during birth, who are we to deny that or to mock her for those feelings? The intense pain that would bring someone to label an experience as rape demands our compassion and understanding. I would hope that even if we disagree with the concept of "birth rape" we could at least be respectful and kind to the women who feel they experienced it.

    Women who experienced corporate rape, marital rape or date rape have all had to fight for their experience and pain to be acknowledged. The least we can do is be compassionate to women who experienced birth rape (or birth trauma, or birth assault).

    As for the second analogy, I'm not sure what wrong with that one, either? Surely you are informed about the origins of hormonal birth control in America? The American Birth Control League (now called Planned Parenthood) was openly involved in eugenic practices and sought to sterilize those who were "poor, negro, mentally retarded" etc. (Quotations in their own words, not mine). Do some reading on the subject before you make yourself look uneducated.

  3. I found her post kinda healing.
    I am a woman of faith and I had a c-sec due to doctor error.
    Not sure what you are so upset about.

  4. Dear Guggie. I am more than aware of the work of Sanger and American Eugenics. That's why I made it. The fact that you totally "get it" just proves that I can't manage to out stupid you people no matter how hard I try. I failed yet again. Dang!

  5. Jade,

    Three women in my family were scared into c-sections without any legitimate cause. My sister had a c-section because her doctor scared her into scheduling one for her first baby. Her son was born at a whopping six pounds. My other sister and my husband's cousin both had c-sections to remove their full term healthy babies after having their labors induced. They weren't told that labor induction is almost a guarantee of needing a c-section.

    Even though you are trying to be sarcastic and hateful you are actually proving Guggie right. Millions of women in the US undergo major abdominal surgery to give birth. These are healthy full term babies born to healthy mamas. Can you imagine how it feels to these women once they realize that they could have had their babies without surgery? If you can't, then try reading the stories other women share of having natural birth after cesareans and their realization that it wasn't their bodies that failed, it was the medical system that convinced them their bodies had failed. Birth is normal and natural. It is not meant to be a surgical event. Sometimes surgical birth really is lifesaving and for that we should all be thankful. But nowadays it is much more likely to happen because no one tells women that inducing labor greatly increases surgical birth or that they should at least give their bodies a chance to labor before allowing fear to persuade them to sign up for surgery.

  6. If you are this unbelievably unable to employ critical thinking skills that *this* is what you come up with, I am surprised that you bother forming an opinion at all.

    Do you really think that Guggie, a devout Catholic woman, is attempting to say that ALL cesarean births are EXACTLY like Christ's crucifixion? Really?

    Unless there is actually an issue with your ability to use rational thought, it is clear that you are just desperately reaching for a reason to blast the natural-mom world. Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of psychology can wager a guess that your main issue is that of jealousy, guilt, & inadequacy. I do actually recognize the humor in the too-crunchy motherhood, but what you are doing is nothing but spewing negativity. Go watch the hippie-mom scene in "Away We Go" & settle down.

  7. Man! I am so glad you guys finally show up! I knew poking the sleeping giant would work eventually.

    I know that you all belive me to be some emotionally damaged hippie who makes it her personal goal to out nature all of you and're right!

    "Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of psychology can wager a guess that your main issue is that of jealousy, guilt, & inadequacy"

    You are so correct. I am so jealous I can hardly see straight. Would you mind telling me what I am jealous of? Oh yeah , that and a straw man fallacy--anyone with a ounce of Logic and Reason education would know that.

    Anyway, now that you're here, stop by the other posts and get to know the blog a little bit. We are having a great rap contest, so you might want to check that out. The prize is a placenta teddy bear. And our good friend ZdoggMD will award the prize!


    **Squeeee** I am soooo excited!! WELCOME!!

  8. aww, you gotta hate on Guggie.. you must be super jealous, or better yet, super bored, to sit and write a blog about someone who helps hundreds of ppl everyday... you muct feel like a super douche... wow, get a life and do somethign constuctive with your time!

  9. What in the Devil is going on here? I leave to go to a doula convention and return and here we have creamy mama's attacking Mama Tao! I'll have you know that Mama Tao is the living breathing essence of natural! Everything she writes is like gold bars frome heaven. I'll not have this! I'll not have it!

  10. I have the best all-natural solution for Super Douche? Now what what is? Three cloves of garlic and a lime? Shoot, I can't remember. I'll get back to you!

  11. I like this site, I think it's hilarious, and hey I am a naturally water birthing, non-circ'ing, extended breastfeeding, mama cloth using mama. My kids are vaccinated though and we don't home school, so maybe my crunchiness ended after they weaned. It doesn't bother me at all that Mama Tao wants to poke fun at the old crunchy way. I just don't think attacking some one by name who hasn't done anything to hurt her is cool, ya know. :-)

  12. i cant believe you wood come here and attack mama tao.!!111!! she is so aowsome. ya'll are justjelouse of her brain ans smart womyn :P

  13. Don't be offended Mama T! These bitches clearly are too stupid to notice that you agree with them. Stupid Bitches :P

  14. Peaceful PacifistApril 23, 2011 at 2:24 PM


  15. Solstice Pecquer-GheddApril 23, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    Yes! Mama Tao is right, all C-sections are like the crucifixion and all C-sections are like rape because the crucifixion was like the rape of Jesus. Go Mama!

  16. Thank you so much ladies!! I really love how you've come to my aid. I'm not worried about it. And Ms. Endless Rain, I have to say I'd agree with you. There is aboslutly nothing wrong with spreading dangerous and natural information! I'm sure that no one will ever take advice from Ms. Daly and end up hurting themselves or someone else. After all, she's educated!

  17. YES!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD there are others like us!! It makes me cream, cream, cream my (organically grown cotton) jeans to know that others FINALLY understand the divine truth that God wants us to birth ALL NATURALLY in WATER like all other species on His Green Earth!! A cesarean section is not normal!!! Do you see the bunnies or cats doing this to each other? I HAD NO IDEA I was supposed to feel like my c-section was rape until, thank the lord I read about it online!! I guess that's why God gave me a Miscarriage punish me for being DUPED by doctors!!! God did NOT give us free will, so lets stop pretending like using doctor and hospitals to keep us alive when needed would be approved by God!! Hallayloooooyah!!

  18. As someone who has be the unfortunate person on the end of rape, loss of a child, and birth rape. Guggie's post was very healing.
    Does anyone want to take a guess as to what was the hardest of the three to move on from? Birth rape. Loss of a child you cn never get over but healing is found through Christ, knowing you will see your child some day, and knowing you have the time you had with them at all. Rape, you report the rape and put them in jail, after lots of counselling healing is possible. Both of those situation healing and acceptance of what occurred took place in nine months at the longest of the two. I am currently at 13 months post "birth rape" and I can't think of that day without crying, I can't hear birth stories that go the way I wanted without feeling a the loss that occurred all over again, I couldn't be there at my sisters birth of my niece because to many emotions would have been brought up.
    Birth rape is very real and I deal with the result every day. As much as we would love to be trying to have our third child at this point it is indefinitely on hold until I can t least accept what happened and heal from it mentally.
    Guggie's comparison, was right on point. crucifixion was done because it was the most humiliating punishment there was back then, for those who have been on the receiving end of the things covered in Guggie's post know the pain and even feelings of humiliation that come with the things covered.
    For me healing won't come completely until I have another child but lots of healing needs to happen before the blessing that will bring complete healing will happen.

  19. Ms Daly asks: "If a woman feels she was raped during birth, who are we to deny that or to mock her for those feelings? The intense pain that would bring someone to label an experience as rape demands our compassion and understanding. I would hope that even if we disagree with the concept of "birth rape" we could at least be respectful and kind to the women who feel they experienced it."

    Birth rape is a self indulgent term that smacks actual victims of violent rape and sexual assault in the face. The term "birth rape" is repugnant. To use that word to describe the way a baby was born, no doubt by well-meaning medical professionals who did what they THOUGHT was neccessary to ensure the safe delivery of a baby. Doctors are humans who do their best. They are not rapists, dear God...

    There is a difference between rape and the perception of birth not going the way you planned. With the greatest respect and compassion to anyone who has had a traumatic birth, I say go and get some therapy and then try to leave your anger behind and move on.

    At the very most, I do hope the term "birth rape" is simply a metaphor for the powerlessness that a woman feels when subjected to intervention she feels is not necessary. There is the similarity of rape and birth intervention involving genitals and the body, but the comparion stops there. Rapists are violent people who have no means to their end except to exert power and possibly ejaculate.
    DOCTORS are people who take the Hippocratic oath of "first, do no harm" who's end is to SAVE THAT BABY. It just so happens that babies come out vaginas, and so there is a certain amount of vagina-touching involved, where I guess the comparison to rape comes from.

    At the end of the day, a woman subjected to intervention gets her live baby, most of the time. Does a genuine rape victim get that? The concept of "birth rape" is insulting to rape victims everywhere. Let's respect THAT.

  20. Mama Tao, you are so right! But Guggie was close, she just didn't take her analogy far enough!! You know those doctors don't want to give you a c-section just so they can laugh and mock you, like she said. It's actually because they want to KILL you!! The only reason those sadists go to med school is to learn sooper sekrit ways to torture and kill their victims, but make it *look* like they were trying to help. Thank you so much for bringing this to light.

  21. I think this is a "Larry the Cable Guy" situation. The guy playing Larry may not actually believe what he's saying, but his followers don't understand that and take his "beliefs" and make them harmful and stupid.

  22. Ok umm did I miss something here? What gave the tired 'Margaret Sanger wants to kill black people and poor people' argument a revival? I take the pill because I don't want more kids than I can afford and I don't want my family or myself to become a burden to society. It's called being responsible.
    Once upon a time, not that long ago, if you had more kids than you could afford, you were flat-out fuct. The poor would feel relieved whenever they were "blessed" with a miscarriage or stillbirth because they couldn't afford to feed the 6 kids they already had. Infanticide was all-too common. Check out some birthrates across the classes and races before you make such an irresponsible claim as that. "Eugenics" is a better-fitted term for the practice of forced hysterectomies for black and hispanic female welfare recipients in the wonderful state of Texas and Mississippi (and others...). Of course, there's no difference between low-cost temporary contraceptive and irreversable sterilization in your world, is there?
    And this 'Birth Rape' thing...Seriously, just because something doesn't go exactly the way you planned it doesn't mean you get to throw the word 'rape' around. It is just plain silly to expect to be entitled to anything else out of a birth than a living child and a living mother, and downright spoiled to call someone who is focused on those two things a rapist.

  23. Wow, Mama T. I'm not sure what Guggie is so upset about. You agree with her poem, she agrees with your analogy... what's the problem? But I'm glad that other types of rape were brought up - you know beyond the birth rape kind that everyone is familiar with. I was orthodontist raped as a teen. He was on some kind of power trip and convinced me I needed braces with no medical indication. He didn't tell me my impacted teeth might come out without intervention and now I'm left with the emotional and physical scars 15 years later. It's really been wonderful for me to read yours and Guggie's blogs, and get validation that rape isn't about behavior or intent - it's really about how I feel. There isn't enough support out there for women like us.

  24. O what some people will do for attention, like attempting to tear others down.

  25. "Those who have been on the receiving end of the things covered in Guggie's post know the pain and even feelings of humiliation that come with the things covered."

    Sorry, I just don't get this. I've been on the "receiving end" of two c-sections and a miscarriage and although the miscarriage still saddens me, I am certainly not "humiliated" by it. My c-sections were simply a means to an end: I have two healthy, bright (vaccinated, circumcised) boys who, even as I type this post, are giggling madly together.

  26. Hey Guys.....?

    Mama T's blog has a unique sense of humor. You can't come over here and read one post and get your knickers in an uproar. If you follow her blog AT ALL you'll understand that no, you're not going to agree with every little thing she writes. That's because it's sarcasm. Or am I totally missing the whole point?

    Either way, this is what we call a "FB fight" or a "Mommy war" so remove yourselves from it...and go enjoy Easter! And don't hate me for mentioning a religious holiday. Okay thanks. Bye :)

  27. Jade, you and your thuggish followers are nothing but Sh!t on the bottom of a shoe. You're a sad, sorry excuse for mama. I pity your sorry children for having a mama that is such a disgrace. I guess you posted this for popularity, mean girl. Hopefully I'm blessed to never stumble upon your blog again!

  28. Hey, Peaceful Mama! You should meet Peaceful Pacifist! You're both really good at screeching! I'm so blessed to have such a peaceful Mama pitying my seven virus vectors! Hooray!

  29. That is what you like to attract, right? Like attracts like. Look at you, willing to sell out your own cheerleaders. Your '7 viral vectors' would truly be blessed had you miscarried or aborted them. Maybe we should do the world a huge favor; sew you mouth and vagina shut! Now that would gain notable applause! ;)

  30. You guys to realize that it's nearly impossible to beat the Straw Man, right? Ok then, keep trying.

    Thanks Sleeping gaint, I think my kids agree with you. Sometimes when I use the ouiji to contact the ones I did abort, they tell me they think I made the right choice!

  31. Don't let Sleeping Giant and Peaceful Mama get to you - they're just desperately reaching for a reason to blast the uber-natural-mom world. Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of psychology can wager a guess that their main issue is that of jealousy, guilt, & inadequacy.

    You know, it's one thing to pity the children of uneducated parents who vaccinate, have elective c-sections, or use sposies - but pitying the lucky kids of an amazing natural-minded mama like you? Just crazy.

  32. Peaceful Mama, you're full of such good cheer! Finally, a peaceful natural mom showing people how we really behave. Right on, hippie power.

  33. Thank goodness mama's like Guggie and the other on MDC have clarified for me that I did not have a life saving intervention via c-section, but actually experienced a birth rape.

    Though my children are 5 years and 7 years and I had always reflected on their birth day with such fondness, now I am just torn up with the fact that I just never realized that I had experienced a birth rape. I don't know how I could have been birth raped and just not known it, but Guggie and MDC have shown me the way.

  34. peaceful mama, that was one mean ass, rude, unnecessary post, nothing peaceful about it. you are also an idiot that doesn't understand SATIRE. do you read the Onion and think it's reAl too, idiot?

  35. I've read this blog & thought it was kind of funny before, because there ARE women who are super competetive for the Most Crunch award, & there are insanely judgemental moms who think all c-births are bad. But Guggie is NOT one of them. You've got this one all wrong.

    Guggie is not saying that ALL c-sections are birth rape or that all interventions are like crucifixion. SOME women have been held down on a table against their will, screaming NO while a doctor reaches around inside her, breaks her waters, or slices her perenium to the point where it never heals properly-- even without fetal distress. I'll always be disturbed by the rude nurses I had while in labor-- why would a mother not be horrified by being violated so visciously? It IS viscious.

    Whether you agree with the term "birth rape" is another issue. There are, of course, dumbasses that get ahold of the term & milk it for sympathy. There are also mothers who feel it applies to them pefectly. If you can't understand that, chalk it up to difference in comprehension abilities & call it a day.

    Stick to the obviously satirical stuff. Calling someone out by name when you actually know nothing about them is lame.

  36. I'd agree Anon^ but, like Jade already pointed out, making yourself a beacon for bad and dangerous information is one way to get called out. I have to admit that I am totally in awe at the wonderful sisterhood Guggie's post has created. I have seen, Christian, Jew, Pagan and Atheist come toghther in total disgust! Her post can cause healing!!

  37. "making yourself a beacon for bad and dangerous information is one way to get called out."-- Bad & dangerous information? Says who? Yes, babies have died at home. Many more babies die in the hospital. In the U.S. homebirth is thought of as a risky choice, but throughout the world it is seen as normal & healthy. If you see homebirth info as inherently bad & dangerous, you are a victim of cultural brainwashing.

    Not every woman is the same. Some are totally annoyed by the term birth rape, or by the idea that hospitals suck to give birth in, or by pro-breastfeeding information. That does NOT mean that *everyone* hates what Guggie discusses. I see lots of moms daily thanking her for her information. The world should be big enough for all of us.

    Some readers obviously believe that no one should ever commune with Christ in terms of suffering, even though that is laced throughout the Bible as something that *should* be done. Guggie is well-versed in Catholic theology & is obviously aware of this. Those of you finding this so offensive are really just showing your ignorance. Ignorance of who Guggie is as a person, ignorance of what the Bible says, ignorance of the reality of birth rape, ignorance of the safety of homebirth. Why get so upset about something when you actually have no idea what you're talking about or dealing with? Do you realise how stupid it looks to take someone who says "Yes, birth rape is a reality. I've seen the ass of a woman sliced labia to rectum who never had normal bowel function again" & change them into some crazy crunchy woman who screeches "ALL interventions are birth rape! My baby was saved by c-section but I was birth-raped!" You've lost the point here. Birth rape is real. You may not want to think so, but it is. What is NOT real is that Guggie or any of her "followers" insisting that all interventions are rape.

  38. Post a name you chicken shit!April 25, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    "but throughout the world it is seen as normal & healthy."

    That might be true IF and only IF, US CPMs and DEMs were legally reguired to have a college degree like they are in EVERY OTHER EFFING COUNTRY.

    Nope, Nope, here in the US a woman can drop out of highschool, take a few online classes offered by Gloria Lemay, talk about how too much education is bad and then get her "licence" by watching 40 (up until a few weeks ago it was only 20)births in any setting. (For a CNM or European midwife it's over 600 just to graduate)

    How dare you put American CNMs and European college educated midwives in the same group as these highschool drop out midwitches!!

  39. Oh Steph..... I love your comment about the misuse of the word rape. Whenever I point that out I get attacked by people claiming to have been both birth raped as well actually raped. I question if most these stories are real though because..

    1) I find it very hard to believe that someone who has really been raped would think giving birth to their child via c-section is the worse of the two.


    2) You can actually see the stories getting worse as the comments go on as if women are trying to one up each other with rape stories (I really hope i'm wrong about that though because that would be disgusting).


    To Anonymous: People absolutely should take comfort in Christ during times of suffering. They can and should sympathize with him. They just should not claim that their suffering is equal to that of his crucifixion. To do so is disrespectful of the amazing gift he gave us.

  40. Rape is a activity purely intent to harm (Not to ensure a decent outcome, not even to make money, it is an activity to HURT ONLY, and if you experience some kind of trauma not aligning with gross negligence or malpractice *b/c that is what we call these things, and doctors who actually do them have to be called out so they can't do it anymore* it isn't the same thing, and might have been caused by a social construct.
    Birth control is not the same as eugenics. Women can choose to use a pill or not. No one is forcing us to, or weeding us out. We are fortunate to be in places where we CAN have as many children as we would like.
    And death via extreme suffering whilst hung on planks of wood is how like a surgery to birth a baby? A vaccine to save your child from a preventable disease?
    I'm slightly offended by the apples to oranges comparison, however. I dislike oranges and their stringy, seedy insides, how dare you compare them to apples? >.<

  41. @Post a name you chicken shit- Um, no, actually, unassisted childbirth is considered a normal, healthy option as well in many countries with a low maternal/infant mortality rate. I see your point, but you are incorrect. It seems that you are in fact suffering from some cultural brainwashing. Go read, pop that bubble.

    @Patricia- your last statement is exactly my point. Guggie is NOT claiming that her or anyone else's suffering is equal to Christ's crucifixion. She has never made that claim. To assume so is to seriously lack critical thinking skills. If you read the post, read her words, or hey-- maybe if you knew her, you would easily understand this.

  42. I knew that apples and Oranges thing would piss someone off! Sorry :(

  43. Haha Jade-- *that* is the kind of funny shit people want to read. Not personal attacks. No one wants to be the target of that, especially one as inaccurate as this.

  44. Well it's hit and miss--ya know.

  45. BY using the photos that she did along with changing the words of the hymn it was implied. Even if it was not her intent enough people made the connection that she should have WANTED to change it because no good christian wants to use the suffering of Christ to push a pro homebirth anti-vax anti-circ agenda. The fact that she didn't change it after realizing what many thought about it tells me that it was never really about finding comfort in Christ in the first place.

  46. @crunchy goddess 'Anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of psychology can wager a guess that their main issue is that of jealousy, guilt, & inadequacy.' So is that what you think of mama toa? she is one inadequate, rude ####

  47. staceyjw Idiot? well yes indeed you are if you follow her posts. Since you are the one who knows all about the onion, go fetch doggie.

    Man! I am so glad you guys finally showed up! I knew poking the sleeping giant would work eventually. lmmfao!

    Maybe we should start a witch hunt for the straw man. Man, this is so fun pissing you morons off.

    Now go run off and blame another for this posting too, crucifing, C-section mamas.

  48. Oh honey! Pissed we are not. I'm laughting my ass off. You want to know the irony? Every time we get a legit post, someone who wishes to remain unknow donates a vaccine to a child. Yup...every little snark you make get a kid filled with toxins :D

  49. Jade,

    This is a man posting now so you need to me listen carefully and do what I tell you. Please do not give it away. I never seen so many feathers ruffled and dreads untangled before. Keep it up - but on the low.


  50. Crucifing? Does that have something to do with broccoli, or something?

  51. This post did make me uncomfortable....but in a good way, the kind of way that The Diary of Ann Frank, or documentaries about the A bombs dropped on Japan the way Passion of the Christ made me feel
    Naysayers, I am not sure if you are over thinking or under thinking this post, but either way you are missing the point.
    Jesus sacrificed his body, his life for his Father's children. In a similar, note SIMILAR, way mothers whom have cesareans give up the integrity of their bodies as a sacrifice, ever how futile or not, for their children. As the Father painfully watched his son grow and develop then die on a cross so too mothers watch their children grow within them only to painfully see them parish.
    If you can't see past your nose enough to see the point of this post then honestly you should leave, this is not the place for you.
    And for the woman, didn't remember the name by the time I got to the bottom, who said you never think of the babies HOW DARE YOU. You are just like the rest of America....In truth EVERYONE always thinks of the babies and never the mother's. Mother's are left alone to battle their internal demons while everyone dotes on the baby. Birth trauma is very real and very damaging, and when a woman even utters a whisper of her sadness or her pain she is made to feel guilty and ashamed. "Count your blessings you have a healthy child and you are alive to be it's mother" is what they hear. Let me tell you something just because baby and mother are healthy does not mean something bad did not happen. Do you really think we don't love our children or are happy they made it earth side safe and sound? You can still be happy about your baby and mourn your birth. I know because I do. The birth of my 1st was the happiest day of my life but also one of the most painful. I had a ceserean, and at least for me I can in confidence say it was necessary, however despite this it still sucks. I still have bad days where the fear and sadness flood back. Like most I have heard the same lines about how I am being ridiculous or selfish or irrational. Like Christ our grief is ours alone to carry and very rarely will anyone help relief the burden. Rather they mock us. This is not about who is right or wrong in fact in birth there is no right or wrong. Some woman and babies are saved by ceserean some however are bullied into it out of greed and disrespect from inpatient OBs, and even those that are saved are entitled to mourn the peaceful safe birth they didn't have. More often then not a home birth is a beautiful thing but there are people hurt by it. etc etc. The point here is not to point fingers it is to recognize the sacrifice mothers make for their babies every day that are hurting, grieving, regretting....

  52. Just saw this on Facebook, womyn:
    "the thing they were missing most was the understanding of the emotional issue. Declaring a heirachy of trauma, and declaring what should or should not be termed rape misses the point.

    Is a young woman roofied and date raped less raped than a woman attacked and raped by a stranger as she jogs home, or more raped than a woman raped by her husband, or a woman consenting to sex with one man, but not his friend who jumps in?
    Have you been sexually assaulted less because your childhood mollester only fondled you, performed oral sex on you, or had you do likewise, but didn't penetrate you?

    If you were in a position where you were screaming and pleading for someone to stop what they were doing to your body, if someone has placed their hands inside you without your consent, if someone treats you like you have no ownership of your body and they have the right to do as they like with it, if you have been cut for no reason without consent, if your body has been treated brutally without cause, and if you feel honestly and deep within yourself that you have suffered a gross violation, then I say you have the right to use whatever terminology you choose.

    Many disagree with the term 'birth rape'. It's not about the words, it's about the sentiment behind them and the fact that if any of those things happened to a women in any situation besides birth, she would doubtless have a case against whoever was responsible.

    Is every c-section rape? Hardly. Are they medically necessary in many cases? Of course. Is birth rape real? It's as real as the women who believe they have suffered it believe it to be."

  53. I must refer you back to Cookie Monster in this case. What if I truly felt that my kids raped me as they came out? I never gave them permission to come out of my yoni? If I REALLY believed that it was true, would that make it true? And further more, should you all validate my feelings by patting me on the back and saying "If you FEEL like your kids raped you, then who am I to argue?"