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Sunday, April 3, 2011

TOXINS--In Your Home

We rarely think of crayons as being something dangerous to children. My own mother allowed me to play with crayons at the dinner table--Lord knows how many of us were effected by the cross contamination.
As it turns out my son, Englburt ate about 6 of his crayons yesterday and gave me quite a scare.
As it so happens I opened up his organic cloth diaper and found a plethora of disgusting and vibrant colors.
Now I ask you, friend and skeptics, what could cause such an unnatural color in pooh except toxins!

There is nothing in nature that comes in "Radioactive Red" and "Yucky Yellow". No my faithful followers, these crayons must be filled from top to bottom with radiations!!

I don't like to be a person who presents problems with no solutions, I would like to give you some new ideas for colors you can feel are a good NATURAL replacement for your kids making art.

Poke Weed berries can help your kids make some lovely purple!!

Holly Berries can make a great Red!

Mahonia Berries can make a spiffy Yellow!

And last but not least, Poisonous Blueberries make a great blue!!

Just please don't eat any of them as they are all Poisonous as hell! But  at least they are not TOXIC

Happy Crafting !!


  1. Toxic Vs poisonous....what an enlightening blog post!!!!! thanks mama Tao for once again opening our eyes!!
    Orgasmic mama.

  2. Hemlock makes a lovely subtle green.

    99.7% of toys you buy at the store are totally toxic. My kids only play with natural and homemade toys.

    100% Natural = 100% Safe

  3. Oh and all organic too !!! What an improvement. Am getting my organic reusable wicker basket ready now for a quick jaunt through the woods to restock our art table in the homeschooling room ( =

  4. If you are really feeling creative with your kids don't forget to combine your all natural painting and these all things nature painting styles for some truly creative unschooling fun !!!

  5. We are more organic, we immagine the sun to see the yellow paint on the paper in our minds in our house.

    Less carbon footprinty.

  6. Make sure that no pesticides or herbicides or fungicides have been used within a 400 mile radius of the plants for they are not really organic.

    Also if they are within 600 miles of a raod or any industry they are no organic too.

  7. Make sure your children are old enough to use those colors !!! Remember to keep the palette restricted until their adult teeth are in or you will hinder their souls settling into their newest incarnation.

  8. Goddess !!!

  9. oh sorry ! wrong thread !!!

  10. Belladonna flowers make a striking pinkish purple shade!

  11. My dog ate an entire box of crayons once. He pooped an awesome rainbow.