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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank God I'm a NATURAL girl!

Ladies and Misogynists,

We have a goal here at the Mama Tao and that goal is to fight those who are seeking to fight our very precious NATURE and attempt to somehow live longer and healthier lives. Do we fight NATURE here at Mama Tao? No! We embrace NATURE!

In honor of that Idea I'd like for you to take a journey with me, through the passage of time, and Enjoy a visual and hear-sual trip back into the past, to a world that I would like to see return to us! Please press play on the video and scroll down. Feel free to sing along!

We want a world free of Vaccines!

Thank God I'm a NATURAL Girl!

We Want A World Without Birth Control!

Thank God I'm a NATURAL Girl!

We Want a World With Hairy Women!
Thank God I'm a NATURAL Girl!

We Want a World Filled with Sexy British Men!

Or....maybe that's just me!

Whatever, screw you guys, I'm Ovulating!


  1. Birth without BS LOVES mama Tao!!!!!!

  2. Greg cant play Mumps? Why not? Doesnt he understand the rules? Or maybe he just wants to remain fertile?

  3. What is Greg's mom some kind of uneducated she-devil? Let that child in and let the Mumps party begin!! It's *especially* empowering for the young men!!!

  4. Greg's mom needs to stop being so selfish and let all the neighborhood kids come over and play. Maybe a trip to the park? Or hell, why not have him lick some doorknobs at the hospital. Lots of people go there and just think of the natural immunity they could get from little Greg! What a bitch!

  5. How DARE you photoshop tht old woman's face on the picture of me and my glorious natural yonni!!