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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Empowered by Steiner!

         As a Waldorf proponent, a homeschooler, a Homebirther, and a yoga instructor, I often have women coming to see me expressing their desire to do what I do everyday.  I receive numerous emails claiming that they wish they could look like me, walk like me, talk like me, dress like me, knit like me, homeschool their kids like me, and most importantly, birth like me.  I am flattered, but I can assure you that getting to where I am was no easy feat. 
        It took a lot of hard work, many rage releasing sessions, many times ripping out the grass on our front lawn in agony, and many interpersonal wars to get to this point.  I let women know that they can do it, but before they get there, they will have to go through the darkness and through the trials I’ve been through.  They will have to detox according to my program and most people don’t know how to detox correctly. 
          Most people don’t understand that part of detoxing is mothering your child in the best way possible, and that way is through Steiner’s methods. Steiner says we should not be teaching our children their abc’s until they are well past losing their baby teeth and can reach their arm around the back of their head and reach their opposite ear lobe.  How can we truly be showing love for our children when our children are holding carcinogenic plastic blocks made in China?  How can we truly be showing love for our children when we are feeding them hot dogs?  Steiner says that wooden toys are best for children.  They cost more, but everyone can find the money to pay up for wood as opposed to plastic.  If you can't find the money, there is always a way to work the system for some extra cash and doing so is noble when it comes to avoiding products from China! 
       Husbands also have to learn to come to worship and praise their woman’s Yoni on a daily basis.  This is hard in a world of porn and the illusion of the perfectly intact Yoni.  My yoni is even more beautiful as each tear from my multiple water births healed the way they were meant to be.  No stitching or cutting of the perineum here!  The philosophy I follow says that cutting the perineum could result in a pelvic-ocular block connection tied to the astral cord.  Once in place, to try to sever that block would be to unleash all of the rage of the world. 

      When it comes to birthing, I let moms know that birthing was not easy.  I felt the pain and the pleasure all at once.  I would never pump antibiotics and drugs into my body so that I could become a walking candida factory!  I would never insert the inorganic cotton and arsenic wands of Ahrimen into my Yoni.   I only use the Diva Cup which is what I advise all women to do.  I then place a bowl of menstrual blood in the center of our table so that the family can appreciate the fruit of my womb. The children then dilute it and water our plants.  Instead of desecrating my Yoni, I apply oils of love daily and sit in milk baths with frankincense to infuse my body with reverence while my kids use 100% organic wool to felt magical gnomes and fairies dedicated to their mother goddess!
        I have pictures on display of my home births on my walls and visitors appreciate the beauty of my ‘Real’ Yoni.  My family thinks me odd, but that is because, sadly, they are trapped in the Emotional Plague and cannot see truth.  They have not addressed their blocks and armor.  I am certain that some moms have Yoni jealousy when they view my pictures.  The fact is, I believed in myself and the power of my Yoni as a pathway of love and peace which is more than I can say for some of the c-section moms I’ve met. 
         I feel that it is my duty to inform them that they are submitting to violence by knife and giving their bodies to the Man.  I will do whatever it takes to drive this home for them because I incarnated into this life for this reason alone.  I may not make many friends, but it is because I speak Truth!  Their children are destined to become the Lucifers and Ahrimans of this reality because they bypassed the path of love and truth and instead were ripped into a realm that imprinted them with violent resonance.  The babies are born infected with Wilhelm Reich's Emotional Plague and they are immediately armored and locked down by the temperature/pressure shift from warm womb to cold operating room.  The mothers’ocular blocks prevent them from seeing that their pelvises were too heavily armored to birth their babies.  They couldn’t do it if they’d wanted to.  Reich said this would happen.  In fact, even if they did believe in themselves, they probably could not do it because the armored pelvis retains so much rage that it best stay under lockdown. 
          I am an ardent fan of Wilhelm Reich who has healed me from my plague and I have only treated my family with his methods.  My one son came to me one day and was wanting to draw with a color other than yellow.  Steiner says that a child must stay with the color yellow for it’s benefits are tied in to physical movement and this would include avoiding hard lines.  Children who color with beeswax crayons vibrate at a superior frequency to Crayola kids.  The presence of Crayola or other anything other than Stockmar Beeswax should be a warning sign that Ahrimen and Lucifer are present.  As penance, I sent my son to play with some gnomes and wooden blocks for several hours in the sunlight and after some yoga, he settled back down into the etheric.  Later, we talked and he cried about how he felt that I was angry with him after his water birth.  We both sat on the couch and cried and cried and then I administered the method I strongly recommend to other moms called ‘Holding Time.’  I have even used it on my husband with amazing results!  My son screamed and I cried and he turned blue in the face, but I did not let go of him, I held him tightly and firmly in my arms.  I just repeated over and over that he was in mama’s loving arms.  He looked terrorized and traumatized and for a minute I thought he would stop breathing, but that was a good sign.  We needed to break through.  We needed to expand.  We needed to be there together in that moment of terror and darkness to cross over to the bridge of love and light.  I realized that though I waterbirthed in peace and love, he never bonded with me.  I think we were enemies before this incarnation.             
         However, Steiner says he came back because we had unfinished business and, according to my daughter who has reached a state of clairvoyance and can now channel Steiner just in time for high school, we're just working out our Karma.  Whenever I meet a c-section mom who did not believe in herself or her power enough to at least try a VBAC, I tell her that Holding Time is essential as she not only did not bond with her baby, but will probably never bond.  My son and I flew to Guam several times to go for Reichian therapies and that is when we bonded after a re-water-birthing ceremony. 
        There was much pain and a lot of screaming and fear, we both nearly drowned, but this was what was necessary for us to re-connect as mother and child.  So, birthing goddesses, the next time you meet a c-section mom, understand that she is most likely envious of your powerful Yoni and that her pelvic armoring will keep her birthing by knife.  I no longer let my children play with kids birthed by knife.  Steiner says that Lucifer and Ahrimen are very real and as Waldorfers, we feel on the right path if we do what Steiner says. 
Love and Light,
Starseed Mama


  1. Ah! I love Steiner!! Thank you sister Starseed!!

  2. Speaking as a cursed hate-like 'rationalist', humanist, soulless spawn of Ahriman, I will be watching you closely from now on, sister Starseed.

  3. Ulrike Woodandfelt, ND, CPM, Holistic MinisterApril 14, 2011 at 5:13 AM

    My LO has black plague, which we think she contracted from the prairie dogs which share the land we work through our bio-dynamic agriculture techniques. One prairie dog in particular has a strong affinity for my LO, and I've considered the possibility that in a past life they had a sibling or parent-child relationship. The dog, who we call Elzpeth Astara, has developed a diurnal routine, in contrast to the other dogs which are mainly nocturnal. I know this is so that she can spend more time with my LO. She tries very hard to use human speech to communicate (though this is hardly necessary, as my LO can easily understand what she is saying with her astral body) and as a result she has developed a habit of foaming at the mouth. In frustration at the limitations of her physical body, she sometimes staggers towards other humans and bites them savagely. But anyway-I just wanted to invite you and any other like-minded mamas to bring your LOs over for a plague party. Children do so benefit, In the words of Steiner himself, from "being tempered in the fire of a good inflammation!"

  4. What a wonderful tale of an animal/human past life relatiotinship rememberance! You're LO is certionly lucky to have found her past lifwe birth mother again, and I am sorry that she is sick, but olease remember that Bubonic Plague is a harmless childhood illness and that you and your LO will be fine as long as you think happy gnome and faery thoughts!

  5. Sister Ulrike, When my LO was bitten by a snake on our medicinal trail hike, I was able to catch the snake and put in in our traveling sack. I extracted the venom, myself, at home over the kitchen sink. My LO seemed enlightened from the experience of being bitten and began having visions. We surrounded him and thought happy thoughts and realized the power of Mother Nature. I extracted the venom to give my other LOs insights into this exciting new world. When we broke out in red rashes, we simply laid under a purple light bulb and followed up with yoga and meditations. Next time you see a snake, catch it. Their venom makes the most wonderful elixir! It does not matter the type of snake. They are all magical creatures and all have a gift to offer us. Love and Light, Mama Starseed

  6. Please explain: are you saying that cutting a perineum unleashes all of the rage of the world? Just curious...

  7. I think she is saying tha tcutting AND sewing the perineum unleashes all of the rage in the world

  8. Anonymous: Reich has extensively studied the pelvis at the emotional level and found that it is imbued with such a level of power and he teaches us to be aware that sometimes a heavily armored pelvis best stay armored or under lock&key --to disarm the armored pelvis could release A LOT of rage and in my practice and extensive knowledge of and appreciation for the Yoni, I automatically include the perineum as a part of Reich's pelvis..I mean the goddess pelvis..

  9. ..I also wanted to mention that should a woman bypass nature and decided to stitch up a torn perineum or Yoni, please consider using only wooden knitting sticks and 100% organic living yarn or harvested as close to the birth as possible.

  10. This is why it's so very important that mamas avoid the Not Nice Slice at all costs. The bottom line is, no matter how much moms babywear, EC, unschool, eschew Western medicine, and practice consensual living - they are starting off at such a disadvantage if the uterus is shredded open and the babe extracted by foreign hands. There is a lot of evidence that indicates a baby will imprint onto the first human face it sees upon emergence from the Canal of Righteousness (or alternatively, the Slice of Doom) and if that person is, Goddess forbid, a common allopath.... You know the rest of the story. Gives me the willies!