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Friday, April 29, 2011

Patho Phizz!

Just giving another shout out of love to our very special friends over at Patho Phizz. I don't have a pic of me wearing their lovely critter covered fabrics, but I do have one of our Archenemy Mr. Dr. Zdogg wearing his.

Zdogg shows off his Botulism
 Ain't he adorable, (for an evil medmonster)?

Anywhodiddlywhoo, please stop over at their place of domain name employment and check out they Scrubs!


  1. OMG!! Who is this sex god? And that scrub top he wears!! Please, I want to get naked now and have this man pierce me with an untold number of vaccinations, for whatever, and give me a C-Section, and shave my arm pits!!! Now!!! Yes!!! This is true love!!!

  2. I mean...he is cute, but you'd be willing to let him vaxx you? Gross!