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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Call To Arms!!!

Wymyn! I call thee to submit!! Go down into the darkest parts of yourself and dig up those long hated feelings of torture and remorse. Today is a day to share!

I recently say that a new blog was created by a NATURAL group of Mama's who want to take down the evil Dr. Amy!

In a retaliation to "Hurt by Home birth" They have created "Hurt by Hospital Birth"

Allow me to share a bit of a story:

"I spent 3 hrs in the birthing suite, NOT laboring in the shower as I planned in the newly built birthing suites, my belly strapped with fetal monitors with rolled wash rags to hold them on uncomfortably, without food or water, & without support from my midwife. NONE Of this was supposed to happen, that’s why I had a MIDWIFE instead of an OB.

My son was born in under five hours, but it was not enjoyable like we had planned the entire nine months of prenatal care. I thought I was prepared; wrote my birthing plan, practiced my hypnobirthing breathing, and packed accordingly, but still I got the short end of the labor stick in the end! I did however successfully deliver my son without screaming, without medication & without any other intervention whatsoever! I had a two degree tear from the birth; this was not supposed to happen as I was supposed to labor in the shower to ease any tearing!"

GODDESS!!! Goddess be with us. The sadness of this story fills me to the brim with a jell-o like substance!

Submit, Birthing Goddess! Tell Your Stories



  1. It is so hard for me to tell this story and share my shame with all of the other womyn reading. I succumbed to Western medicine out of fear and listened to my male (of course) OB when he told me that my statistically (whatever that means) dangerous high blood pressure was endangering my child. My daughter was born by C-section. There, I have said it.

    Effect linger to this day. Just this morning, Blueberry Dream was eating her organic spelt toast SIDEWAYS- soy butter first. I am sure that she has directional confusion from being removed upwards from my abdomen rather than descending through my yoni as nature intended. I have been seeking Bowen and rainbow therapies to help her realign. That's all I can do for her after caving in to "the man".

  2. Ah Syan! You MUST tell this tale. How, pray tell, are we to stop this wicked cycle? Did you read about the womyn who did not have her sheets changed?? For heavens sake, lady. This is not the time for silence!!

  3. Granted, my hospital labour was without pain medication, attended by fabulous staff that let me move as I wished and it resulted in a healthy baby. But...

    The food, oh Gods, the food was so bad. I still have PTSD to this very day. I can still see the plate of cold scrambled eggs... so cold... so grey... I wake up screaming sometimes. There was supposed to be cheese, too! CHEEEEEEEESE!

  4. Kudzu, you must go on. A live baby is not the point of a birth experence! How could you even attempt to eat grey eggs with no cheese? Blessing upon you!