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Monday, April 11, 2011

Beat the Uterus?

My lady friends. I feel I have made a tremidulus mistake.

This weekend was the celebration of my fourth child, Qwiver Phul's arrival earthside. We have everything ready to party. I made vegan black bean brownies, I went down to the local butcher and bought a whole box full of pig bladders to make ballons with and I even let little Qwiver dye her hair green with some henna.

On my way out of town on my tandem bicycle, I stopped by a cute little wiccan book store. In the very back of the shop, right next to the mogwai, I found the perfect form of entertainment for the little tots as they celebrate.

It was a Pinata, made from recycled family cloth and dyed pink with wild cherry juice. And it was--perfect. You see my friends, the pinata was shaped like a uterus! What  a wonderful choice for a woman who is about to enter her maidenhood!

I knew that my daughter would love taking a stick and beating a personal organ to death in front of her father and brothers! I stuffed it with nuts , berries, fleece maxi pad and diva cups!

It seems that I have made a tragic mistake though. When little  Qwiver picked up that recycled baseball bat and began beating the snot out of the uterus, every single member of my family began weeping.

I was confused at first and then my husband sat me down and gave me some insight as to what he and my children must have been feeling.

As it turns out Jhkeel was bothered by the image of a woman's most beautiful and useful part being smashed in such a disrespectful fashion. And that thought never even occurred to me!

My children gather around my ankles as it occured to me that perhaps instead of beating the candy out of the womb, we should give this Uterus the same respect we give our own. Perhaps the gifts within knew when to come out?

That night is rained and the water leaked into the pinata and weakened it's walls--and the candy came when it was good and ready.

What do you womyn think? Is this a simple and beautiful sign of the wymyn, or is it a tool of misogyny? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Oh dear! Causing the candy to come out of the candy, rather than waiting for the candy to come on its own, is terrible. It's pinata rape to push the candy onto your schedule.

  2. Wow MamaT, it is lucky that your children are so finely tuned to your uterus!

  3. Oopsy...I meant to say "Causing the candy to come out of the PINATA, rather than waiting for the candy to come on its own." I was hitting the organic mead a little hard last night when I typed that! ;)

  4. How wide the eyes and open the ears of your brood! Instinctually they understand the place of the uterus and wrongness of mutilation in bringing forth the fruit(stripes) of the womb! Be proud mama, for they know more than they think!