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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ads, Donations and Sexy Pathogen Scrubs!

Mama Tao REALLY wants some Ebola Scrubs!

Many of you know that as a result of my burning down the vaccine plant last winter, all the proceeds from my blog have to go to Doctors Without Borders. When I first set up the blog, a few of you haters out there reported me and got me in all types of shit with the Blogger Man. Well, I'm back now bitches and hopefully we should start seeing some ads in the next few days.

Do you want to help a good cause and have your ad run for free on my blog? Send me a picture of a receipt or other proof that you have donated $$$ to Doctors Without Borders and I'll run three free posts about your product/blog/business on The Mama Tao. I get roughly 500-1000 hits a day, so you'll get seen and it helps a good cause(I get even more than that if I post more than once a day, but I'm a lazy tart)! I will also give you the free posts if you have worked for Doctors Without Borders as a Doctor, Nurse or Layperson. Just remember I cuss like a Drunk and prolly will fill your ad with the same.

I have promised some wonderful Twitter friends a Free ad, So this example of what your donation can get your fine ass!

Patho Phizz Scrubs: Made by Artists and a Nurse (So they tell me)

Some Friends on Twitter have turned me on to these Sexy Vector Scrubs. We can't be all Anti-Vaxx without being Pro-Pathogens now can we? These lovely scrubs come in many different bacteria and virus patterns (They have everything from E-Coli to Candida, whateverthehellthatis) If they got an Ebola scrub set I'd prolly die of glee (Hint Hint: See above picture for inspiration!)

Here is what they have to say about themselves:

Patho Phizz is the brainchild of Ben Parks and Marti Bein, a couple of
artists with a vision: cover the teeming masses with teeming pathogens!
Ben, who also works as a critical care nurse at the local regional
hospital, traces his original inspiration back to his days in
Microbiology 101--entranced by the beauty of bugs under the microscope.
Surely these images could be used creatively. Then, graduation from
nursing school, and that fateful first shopping spree to buy scrubs for
work. Alas! A dearth of unique, aesthetically pleasing, and
conceptually interesting scrubs with which to adorn one's self! Sponge
Bob? Nay! Khaki? Ka-Ka! Pansies and butterflies? Please pass the
bedpan! In late 2009, Ben, Marti, and Ben's daughter Aurora started
playing around with micrographs of pathogens and pathologies, enhancing
colors, patterning them with the aid of computer graphics software.
Marti, a painter, offered pointed criticism and suggestions. Aurora, in
addition to making some beautiful patterns, came up with fabulous ideas
for future products (how about pajamas with REM sleep pattern strips as
the stripe element, Pa?). We made a couple of prototypes and we thought
they had promise. Ben wore an early E. coli to work one day, followed
by a pulmonary embolism pattern. His co-workers were intrigued. Sure,
I'd buy that. Okay, thought us: Let the contagion begin!

As many of you know, I have spent my life trying to get MMR put on the endangered Species list, so buying these scrubs can only help people understand how very very cute these little critters are! And you know the kiddies will love them too.


  1. I love the poster shot of Ebola. Did my senior project on it!

  2. I do love me some Ebola. It's kinda the Mama Tao running pathogen gag.I'm glad that it holds a special place in your heart too. Perhaps with your help, we can get them to make us some Ebola Scrubs!!

  3. Actually, the Senior Research Staph here at Patho Phizz has under development several scrub tops featuring Ebola virus--one of our favorite micro organisms. Gotta luv a bug that can make you cry blood. Also working on an African Hemorrhagics Plaid, featuring both Ebola and Marburg. But alas, the CDC, due to budget cutbacks, has ceased there funding, so we depend upon the kindness of strangers to purchase our current offering, so that we may finance the next round... (Thanks for featuring us here, Mama Tao--fuck it, I'm gonna role the dice and let my next kid get pertussis....)