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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is How We (Should ) Do It!

The recent fight with the Creamy Mama's  and Guggie lovers has brought us some very good examples of the proper way to fight. I love each and every one of you for stepping in and giving Mama Tao some love, but I have to admit that many of you were using facts and logic to fight these womyn.

While we fought the good fight, I have to admit that we lost this round and here is why...We don't know how to fight like they do. Our problems is that we try to reason with them when clearly the point of an argument is to make them feel bad and attack their personal choices and especially their children.

That last one being a trick of such vile nature that even I'm not going to touch it. despite what the haters say, I will only ever attack what a person says in a public forum or medium. Your beliefs and families and children will be kept out of it. And I mean this.

However that does not mean that YOU , my dear followers can't learn a bit about how to fight from the comments that I, Jade Jymson, received from the thread. Here are a few ideas ladies:

aww, you gotta hate on Guggie.. you must be super jealous, or better yet, super bored, to sit and write a blog about someone who helps hundreds of ppl everyday... you muct feel like a super douche... wow, get a life and do somethign constuctive with your time

Jade, you and your thuggish followers are nothing but Sh!t on the bottom of a shoe. You're a sad, sorry excuse for mama. I pity your sorry children for having a mama that is such a disgrace. I guess you posted this for popularity, mean girl. Hopefully I'm blessed to never stumble upon your blog again! ~ Peaceful Mama

That is what you like to attract, right? Like attracts like. Look at you, willing to sell out your own cheerleaders. Your '7 viral vectors' would truly be blessed had you miscarried or aborted them. Maybe we should do the world a huge favor; sew you mouth and vagina shut! Now that would gain notable applause! ;)  ~ Sleeping Giant

See? Are those not some lovely comments? That is how we do it ladies. Read and learn!


  1. I cannot effing stand Guggie! WTF kind of name is Guggie any way? It's like her momma knew when she was born with those weird too far apart eyes that she would be teased mercilessly for her looks so she decided to give the kids something else to tease her about and maybe take some of the focus away from her downs syndrome looking forehead. As the great poet Joe Momma once said, "U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi... you ugly. What? What? You ugly."

    ***fighting fair. Now we're doing it right.

  2. Did you bounce your booty to the song while "doing it" ? :D :D

  3. Mama Tao, you are the crust on my underwear! (If I wore any)

  4. Im thinking you write your own comments just for attention. What, your babies daddies out with another chick and you need more loving? You're such a drama queen. - the queen part.

  5. Guggie makes me think of the mom from Carrie. I bet her kids are in their closets praying right now.

  6. haha! You guys like that comment from Realdeal I just wrote lol!

  7. what a lovely bunch of sweet peacefull caring moms! sigh if only I could be like them!!they are right we are so jealous of their short minded, short sighted view of life! Ignorance is bliss! they must be in heaven every single day!
    I found if funny that when I attack (privately ) BWF January Harshe, I get scolded as an horrible heartless person, but When those women, attack you and your miscaried infants , they receive a pat on the back.... wait a sec stateting a fact (the Harshes Family, of 7, was living out of a hotel room for months) is meaner then wishes your kids dead and you to be sterilized.....I must have missed something here...
    Birth without BS