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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I'm Opting Not to have My Son's Mouth Fixed

There comes a  time in the life of every Hippie, when we have to decide exactly how far we are willing to take our convictions. If I were to sit here and tell you that I was a NATURAL Mama, and then I went on to wash my toilet with Clorox(TM) or to eat food that came from a gas station, you would no longer trust or adore me as you leader in all things NATURAL in parenting.

Recently, after the birth of my Seventh child, Stone, I was saddened to find that our nursing relationship was traumatic and stressed. Little Stone seemed to be having trouble eating. I took him to see my holistic dentist, who diagnosed him with a common childhood issue. Little Stone has a tied tongue.

As you can see, it's flippin' pretty tied! My dentist offered to clip it for me but in a  moment of clairvoyance I refused. Using the Windshield Wiper Method of Divination, I was told by the Goddess to leave my little one as NATURE intended. Thus, Stone is still having issues eating. I have taken to squirting the milk in his mouth from across the room.

Why have I made such a choice? It is about choice. It's about my choice and I have to be subculture. I HAVE TO BE! I'll tell you why. I would not be the Mama I am if it were not for the Graces of NATURE. Who would I be if I allowed myself to make any unnatural choices in my life? I am either NATURAL or I am NOTHING. And so the child will live off squirted milk or he will not. I leave it to his true Mother. Mother NATURE.


  1. It's so inspiring to hear how you're following your mama instincts, Jade. It takes a lot of strength to stand up for our tongue-tied magical babies. Steiner says that they incarnate to remain silent in this life and if we interfere with that physical expression of desired silence, we can in effect short-circuit their purpose of incarnating. Stay strong and empowered you Magical Mama! Love and Light!

  2. Oh I am sooo glad to hear that you would never let your mother's milk go through any man made device which could corrupt it's goodness. That would ruin its vibrational energy. Much better to spray and hope!