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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spit Fire and Hell-Pampers!!!

A few weeks ago, we asked if you thought Home birth was getting too popular with the mainstream set. Well as it turns out, Home birth has become so damned popular that mainstream diaper company, Pampers is riding on our hairy yonis and populating the idea that anyone can have a home birth. We all know this is not the case but check out this video!

Like anyone who gives birth in a fecal filled pool is going to grace their baby's sweet ass with the likes of a chemically produced, earth killing, disposable diaper? WTF? The last thing that Home birth needs is Pampers!

I spent the afternoon crash calling their US office at 1-800-Pampers and telling them I was going to queef in their pudding if they didn't pull the ad. I suggest you do the same. I also know that my blog is filled with Pro-Science Spies who will call pampers and yell about the CDC and the findings that Home birth has 2xs the amount of death rates as a hospital birth and I hope that you do! Ha! We need to get this thing off the air before no one cares that I am a Birth Goddess!!

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  1. EC baby!!!! when I think about all the land filll it makes me sick!!!
    Orgasmic mama.

  2. This is why I have NEVER used any type of diapers on any of my babies. Feces and urine are completely natural bodily functions. There is no need for them to be wrapped up or flushed away. Especially not when they leave such a glorious natural scent and decorative pattern to our family bed!

  3. Ever see a 6'4" man get mad at a 3 week old for pissing? Not sure I believe in EC.