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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ask Mama Tao--Solidless Vitamins

Dear MamaTao,

I am a firm believer that "Breast is best", but I am conflicted in regards to my childrens' nutritional needs.

My dear son, Bean, is nine months old, and my Bowen therapist recommended that his iron intake be increased. Of course formula is not an option (poison). I am not ready to let solid food interfere with our breastfeeding relationship. I would like to feed him exclusively from my body until he is two. One option I had considered was dissolving one of my placenta capsules into some breastmilk, but I wondered. can I simply open a vein and feed him some of my blood?

Thanks for your advice,
B. Swan

B Swan,
Feeding your child milk from your breast is the exact same as giving him blood. That is why it's ok for you to keep breastfeeding while your nipples are spouting the red kroovy. Iron is an important part of the diet and with you wanting to delay solids until 2 (and who would not? Why deal with solid poops until you have to?) I would suggest you use the "other" mouth the body has.

A nice iron enema will be the perfect way to get your little one's precious metals while also never letting him sample the solid joys of life.

There are also a number of other "bum shots" one can perform to raise vitamin levels. An ounce of orange juice gives Vitamin C, while exposing the anus to the sun raises Vitamin D.

I wish your little vampire the best of luck!

~Mama Tao~


  1. Solstice Pecquer-GheddApril 10, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    Mama Tao, Can you recommend where to purchase a BPA-free, infant size enema bag, something made from a non-petroleum based organic material such as hemp? Or is there a way to make one myself, from placenta?

  2. A very good question and you are close. Google "Pig Bladder: and read up on the use of them and the large intestine! Happy learning

  3. Also, if your child has a poor latch, you can be extra efficient and give him milk laced with blood as he breastfeeds! Lesser mamas think that bleeding from your nipples is a sign that you should bottlefeed, but us natural mamas know that blood is just an extra bonus!