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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The History Of The Midwife

This post is one made to serve and inform. The story of the persecution of the midwife is a sad and sordid one and is a tale that needs to be told.

Way back in the days, when we all lived natural and we all had shiny white teeth as signs of our superior health and well being , midwives were invented to aid women in the birth experience. They offered their services for money or trade in exchange, a midwife would provide candles, incense and a birth orgasm to the mother --and sometimes the father.

As the years passed, some midwives began to practice what might actually be considered real medicine--they would later turn into OBGYNs and Certified Nurse Midwives--but we don't care about them. I want to tell the story of the women who kept their minds pure and NATURAL.
An early statue of midwife led male- nursing
Throughout the years these Midwives who we would today call Direct Entry Midwives (DEM) and Certified Practicing Midwives (CPM) in the States, were highly persecuted and harmed for their practices.

In the 1600s a whole gaggle of midwives were hanged in Salem. Many historians thought at first they were witches, but newer evidence points out that they were indeed midwives.

Midwives on trial in Salem
 Several years down the road, during the industrial age, a group of midwives were lured into what they believed to be a hospital full of women being subjected to the Cascade of Interventions (TM). The doors were then locked and the building was set on fire. Many midwives died as a result and some jumped to their deaths in an attempt to not burn to death.

Midwives outside: The Midwife Shirtwaist Fires
Finally we come to this day and age and midwives are still being hunted down and harangued for their practices.
Dr. Amy, a skeptical OB demands that all midwives go to Nursing school and get qualifications through the government. She also requests that they have malpractice insurance! And on we revolt!!

Midwives revolt at the launching of The Skeptical OB blog by Dr. Amy


  1. Manhattan MidwifeApril 2, 2011 at 12:35 PM

    Oh how we have sacrificed, modern martyrs on the later of REAL birth !!!

  2. Oh that is NOTHING !! You should see what they did to doulas through the ages.

  3. I actually think the Midwife Hunts was a community service, parasites that they are on birthing womyns finances.

  4. Well I think that is a bit harsh !!

    Some women want midwives, we are not all total nutters who take god only knows what risks with our children by having pregnancies and births free of medical help.

  5. Manhattan MidwifeApril 2, 2011 at 12:41 PM


    Vagina off, you evil twunt, we spend out entire existance living off a pittance and charity to help women get empowered through natural birth !!

  6. Oh SHUT UP !!!

    You want to see persecution take a look at what happens to freebirthers !!

    Poor Janet Frazer is virtually in the stocks with rotten cabbages being thrown at her, all cos her baby died. I mean you'd have thought something of serious consequence had happened the way she is being attacked and slandered by the legal types. they just can't stand the idea of a woman being empowered, midwives just have no idea what real PERSECUTION feels like !!

  7. I agree, we win in the persecution stakes, these madwives have no idea they are born !!

    and they kill and harm loads of babies with their ignorance and so called "natural" interventions.

    Herbs are just meds that you grow in the garden !!So NOT natural !!!

  8. One madwife less is one Cascade Of Interventions by another name less !!!!

    We should be arresting madwives in the basis that their interferences means women get the hospital ticket for intervention but not the hospital ticket for safety, worst of BOTH worlds !!11!!

  9. I have never heard so much horsepoop in my life !!!

    Midwives should be revered for their all natural adherence to the ancient art of birth !!

    Birth was NEVER meant to be translated in to a modern interpretation, it was supposed to remain the ancient ritual it has always been or girls don't become REAL women and then where will we be ?

    Freebirthers are TRAITORS to woman power !!

  10. BellyButtonContemplatingMidwifeApril 2, 2011 at 12:54 PM

    Anybody who thinks they are more persecuted than midwives is living some kind of paranoid self obsessed fantasy.

  11. Err, when was the last time you saw a midwife being frogmarched out of L&D on the basis on their job title ?

    Last time I looked YOU weren't named in hospital policies as Persona Non Grata just for doing your job by hurling yourself between the docmonsters and the laboring woman you were paid to protect against her own weakness !!!

  12. Ladies! Please. Can we all remember that we all are nurseing our famlies and THAT is where the true persucution is! The attack on upper middleclass white women!!

  13. Amen Mama Tao !!The voice of reason and understamtnet as always !!

  14. @Mama Tao

    How very very dare you OPRESSED me with the enforced daintiness imposed by the patriacal conpiracy term "ladies".

    As if being a perscuted freebirther wasn't enough for me to have to deal with !!

  15. @AntiSheeple--To true! from here on out I shall call you "Snatch"!. Do you like that better?