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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Babies Die In Hospitals

By Soleil Moon
I have recently heard that there is a movement starting of women that are blaming their babies death on homebirth (with great midwives). This really concerns me.These women have to be lying. Babies live by being born at home. Hospitals and evil doctors are what kills babies. Midwives are well trained and educated and never make mistakes, ever. To blame midwives or homebirth for your child dying is downright disgusting. Every time a baby dies, it is because it was destined to die and could not of been prevented. Death is as natural as life.

Now, minions, if a mother insists that her baby died because of a midwife or homebirth, make sure you erase all mentions of it anywhere you can. These fabricated stories must be erased from existence. As long as they are erased, they cannot continue. If the mother starts her own cause whether it's a blog or facebook or twitter- make sure you are there. Call her out on her fabricated story. Let her know that you are on to the lies! If she continues, gently remind her that SHE failed. Make her second guess herself and feel badly. Our job is not done until she is broken and fully accepted that either her baby's death was unpreventable or that the death lies 100% on her shoulders.

If we can keep fighting these "homebirth loss moms", we will make them go away so that they cannot tarnish the very things that we hold so dear. After all, what are a few dead babies when we have the freedom to have our babies any way we want with providers who will tell women yes when everyone else has told her no??? Stop trying to use images of death, sad mothers, or sad fathers to stop women from having birthing choices. Seeing an infant in a casket isn't that big of a deal! You got your birth, now let us have ours!


  1. How dare you say these things!! You have no clue what this is like.

  2. Hospitals need to be shut down. Hospitals kill not only babies, but the terminally ill as well! My grandfather died in a hospital. If those bloodthirsty paramedics didn't snatch him away as he was having a heart attack and put that toxin-filled O2 death mask on him he would still be alive today.

    1. I think the terminally ill are going to die anyway its in the name.

  3. i dont care what side of the fence you are on..this is just not right. women should not want to break one another. or blame them for their babies death. this is just so so wrong. im horrified

  4. Clair O' FicationApril 26, 2011 at 7:38 PM

    It happens all the time Adriana. If they are even left up for people to see. The attack on women who have lost children is sick. This article is very personal to us.

  5. Oh hush up Uncrunchy! We are on to you and we don't want ot hear it! Such bad energy!! You make me feel weird inside, like doubtful and scared and I don;t like it! :P

  6. I am going to ask a serious question. Please don't think I am trying to offend you, because I am not. Is your intent to get a rise out of people? Initially I thought that your goal was to help people educate themselves...and then I read this post. What is your goal with this blog? I agree with many of the things you have said...but not to that extreme. Which makes me question the objectivity of your statements. Without harsh words, I request an honest answer.

  7. Cindy, I am not offended. This post was written by a guest blogger. If you would liek she can address your question or I coul ddo it myself. If you or she is not happy with my answer then you can work it out between you.

    Please google the term: Straw Man Informal Fallacy...That is exactly what Mama Tao is. :D Hope that helps.

  8. Nevermind. I think I get it. Kudos to you for being so successful. I do feel for those people who take you seriously though.

    When my brother was twelve he asked my grandmother if she had ever performed oral sex on my grandfather (who is deceased). You remind me of him, at that age.

  9. We try to go big! And thanks? for that?

  10. Yes Homebirth Loss must be silenced. If you run a blog or FB page and have trouble dealing with those pesky HB loss moms who keep coming around and try to warn people of potencial bad Mrs Birth Without Fear, she has a lot of experience at silencing those obnoxious rejects, I am sure she would gladly share tips on how to do and still look like a caring person to her followers!!
    Oragsmic mom.

  11. This is the stupidest post I have ever seen. As a pro-homebirth, future midwife, I am horrified by this post. Homebirth loss should be silenced?! Homebirth is about giving women an option, and you want to silence women's equally important option of telling about their birth experience whether its good or bad?

    SHE did not fail. A woman's body is designed to birth a baby. She birthed a baby. Is it alive? No. Can she control whether or not her baby lives? No. And is that death in any way shape or form her fault? No.

    If anything, we should encourage people to share about their childbirth losses in both hospital and homebirth settings so then we can learn as professionals what to look out for and figure out what we're doing wrong. It alsogives these women time to process and vent and heal from their traumatic experiences.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. this post is outrageous.

  12. Future midwaife you have the wrong idea! These womyn could do terrible damage to the homebirth movement if they are allowed to bitch about their loss! Poor Karen Karr and Faith Beltz were tormented by court cases simply because they made foolish mistakes that cost a baby his/her life! Should we allow these womyn to tell their tale and scare other womyn away from homebirth? I think NOT!