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Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Introduction to Delayed Warming

By Mother X

Since the birth of my son, Crescendo in January, many moms have asked why I chose for him to come earthside outside in the cold. I chuckle, and explain to the ignorant ones that I practice birth the way nature intended - in nature. It is a proven, documented fact that 99.99% of ALL species give birth outside, whether or not it is cold!

Inside the igloo/family birth hut my life partner Zeb built, the temperature was quite warm actually, about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. After Cresendo arrived, Zeb placed him on my chest, and asked our other child Alpha to go get a blanket. After all, babies need blankets right? That’s what we’ve always been taught, right? Even my dear, sweet Zeb was ignorant of the new knowledge that is spreading like an out of control wildfire on the internet. That is - Delayed Warming.

I told them that this is a practice that was invented - *by men* to separate mamas from their newborns. Think about it. How else is the doctor going to avoid getting scratched by the baby when he tries to tie it down to inject it with poisonous, toxinous vaccines! They ruthlessly tear the babe from mama’s breast and wrap it in foreign material so unlike the natural water environment of the womb. Furthermore, this seriously damages the mama baby bond at the worst possible moment. It is a scientific FACT that babies who are separated from their mothers early on grow up to be seriously messed up. Want proof?

Delayed Warming is starting to catch on - even among mainstream midwives, like Dr. Rixa Freeze. She demonstrates the technique perfectly, and gives her life partner an education when he DARED try to interrupt this bonding by toweling the baby off. See at 14:30, where Rixa explains to her poor uneducated, life partner that toweling a baby will cause the water to evaporate! If a towel causes the water to evaporate, what will a full - on blanket do? Ask yourself if this hospital based practice is what you really want for your family at the beginning of a young life! See for yourself the scientific information starting at around 14:30:


As I mentioned, I feel all births should happen outside, under shelter, but a breeze should be allowed to waft over the baby. The breeze invigorates the baby, and refreshes you after your intense birth orgasm. For me, this welcoming earthside breeze also had the added benefit of ensuring my Italian mother-in-law never speaks to me again.

I do understand that not everyone can give their baby the gift of a natural birth under the stars, although it DOES make me sad - but some mamas feel like they are important too, and if that’s what you’ve been led to believe, you too can experience Delayed Warming. You’ll need a birthing pool. Don’t be ashamed, even Rixa, who is soo not ignorant and has done her research - used one. After the labor, many women have found that the water has cooled, which is perfect for Delayed Warming. Also, the blessed bodily life-giving material in the pool has warming properties. Especially if you’ve recently eaten the organic hot peppers recommended to jump start labor!

Now, simply relax an enjoy your baby - this is your big day! The baby will stay warm enough as long as the umbilical cord is attached. You can delay warming until YOU decide the time is right, not when some doctor says so!


  1. Ah! Mama Tao, what a wonderful post. I have thought about delayed warming many times with all of my various births. I also LOVE the posts by Mother X. And Igloo/Snow Birth! What a wonderful way to be born

  2. OMG. You guys are crazy!! WTF? You could kill a baby this way. Are you freaking insane?

  3. Mama Tao's Biggest FanApril 8, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    HOW DAER YOU!! Don't you ever EVER question teh wisodn and knowledge of MAma Tao!! How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That's right! Mama Tao is the wisdomest of the wisdom. What do you know about giving birth in an igloo? Have you ever done it? Have you ever tried it? That is your job as a so called "Skeptic", to test out all the theories that exist and deside for yourself if it's right for you!

  5. Whatever, nasty ass hippies. I'm not going to kill my kids, just to prove you're wrong.

  6. No one is asking you to kill your kids. We all know that if nature intends our children to not exist, then they will die. That is the way of nature and the world. You should stop fighting it.

  7. Yes, but kids don't have to die?!?! WE have stuff to stop that now :(