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Monday, April 25, 2011

Feminism Today

By Mother X
I like to think that my purpose here earthside is to educate others, who are unfortunate enough to be uninformed and who just follow orders from THE MAN their whole lives, like a blind, male, unquestioning sheep would!! There’s a topic that all of us womyn can agree on and that is feminism! Feminism - it’s about the choices we make as individual womyn. I’d like to outline a few points about feminism so you don’t have to learn a man’s version of this.

1) Feminist womyn DO NOT shave their legs!! PLEASE remember this. However, IF you have some sort of medical condition that forces you to submit to the Opressive Blade of Man, please blog about it so the rest of us do not get confused by your brand of alternative feminism.

2) NO MEDICINE! ANY type of medical treatment ESPECIALLY those having to do with your sacred Yoni, are INVENTED BY MEN!! Real Womyn do not concern themselves with the scientific branches that come up with these little money maker pills. Feminist womyn LIVE with the conditions and variations of normal that Her Highness has seen fit to give us! I myself endured three empowering bouts with Blue Waffle Disease UNCOMPLICATED by antibiotics. The Goddess has given us all we need to heal right within our own bodies, be it eating placenta for “baby blues”, or drinking your urine for “cancer.”

3) Barefoot and pregnant IS a womyn’s place. Now I know what you’re thinking here - isn’t that what feminism is against? Well yes, if you’ve sheepishly swallowed what the MAN CENTERED SOCIETY calls feminism! Of course they want to come up with an excuse to prevent you from being at their beck and call, and to cause you to deny the reason for your existence, which of course IS to make babies, as many as possible. To be a feminist, you have to be feminine at all times and do what Her Highnesses created you to do!! Birth naturally and NEVER allow the Fruit of your Yoni to languish alone in a bed or lay on the carpet.

4) Fight the POWER!! That’s right! When someone presents you with “scientific” evidence, it’s proof that they want to control you and coerce you into non-free-thinking activities like wearing shoes, getting shots, epidurals, or learning what THE MAN wants you to learn at their institutes of male domination. Do the EXACT opposite of what they say so you too can be empowered!

5) Spread the word!! If you want to help your fellow sisters, intervene in all cases when you see someone trying to spread dirty lies, ZDoggMD for instance - with his medical interventions and “health” concerns. Any information given by someone educated at a male dominated institute of “higher learning” has an agenda that seeks to keep us down! The most modern feminist do this via Twitter. If you see someone on your twitter feed mentions getting ready to get a shot, INTERVENE! If some poor womyn has been LIED to and her husband mentions her being wheeled into the OR for a ‘necessary’ C-Section, INTERVENE! There are absolutely no good reasons for either of these scenarios to be occurring. Immediately point out the wrongness of these situations!

With a little thoughtfulness and logic we CAN take the world back from the MEN who want to hold us down!


  1. Just about THE BEST blog post I've ever read!

  2. I'll be sure to let Mother X know that. Thanks :D

  3. And always, always, always, delete any and all comments pointing out any discrepancies in your information, because, as The Feminist Bleater demonstrates, policing your page and scrubbing out non-like-minded individuals is of the utmost importance to getting your propaganda to the correct sheeple.

  4. I think I just met my dearest soul sister! You are a true Mama Goddess! I think you realize your power. It's so sad to see that many moms just don't realize their true power..
    Love & Light,

  5. Real Womyn everywhere must band together to oppose the ever-increasing number of MEN who think they can weigh in on how a Mama raises her babes. The last thing we need is MEN dictating how we spend our precious time, talent and treasure and reducing us to mere sheeple who make choices just because some evil MAN tells us to!!!

    Sister Gypsymilk
    Freebirthing, placenta-encapsulating, muscle-testing, unschooling, unvaxxing, babywearing, triandem nursing, organic farming, ECing, consensual-living, playsilk-sewing, yurt-living mama to four free-range Indigo children and two hairless cats

  6. So which one of y'all is gonna make me a sandwich? Wait, what forum am I on? Oh snap!

  7. In this context (the piss off a female one) the proper term is "sammich" M'kay ;)I'll be right over with that Mr. Dr. Dog, Sir.

  8. Make my sammich paleo friendly, please. Oh, and sprinkle on a few hookworm eggs. My asthma's acting up.

  9. That's Aspergillis Patho Phizz.

  10. Did a man invent the internet?