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Sunday, May 8, 2011

For your Review--Patho Phizz Contest Submissions

A While back I asked you to send me  pitcures of you or your kids doing UnNATURAL and Science-y things. All of these lovely contestants are trying to win a lovely scrub top from our friends at Patho Phizz.Here are the results for their judging.

                                                              The Bionic Willow

The Bionic Willow Gets Her Thoughts Measured

                                                             The Baby Earthshod

Baby Earthshod Learns About Physics

River Raintree

River only does sciency things IN nature, so here she researchs whether the velocity of a rock affects the size of it's splash in a pristine mountain stream
The Baby Blueberry

Baby Blueberry Works On Her Botany

                                                                     The Baby Zdogg!
The result of a genetic experiment performed about 24 months ago.  It was a painstaking operation to be sure, involving complex monitoring and care of cellular development in a tightly controlled environment for 9 months.  The photo you see here is Mama with the successful product, 8 months after completing the incubation process.
The Ph. Kid
We visited a pristine mountain stream this afternoon, where my son measured the pH.

                                                              The Gnerd Family Project

This is an experiment that my husband and I did, where we took aluminum foil, wet paper towels, carbon bits for fishtank filters, and little scraps of wire and made them into a battery which we used to light up some little LED lights!  Each little square makes 1 volt.  :-)

The Mama and Baby Excel

We collected data, did calculations and made some awesome graphs
                                                                         The Ball Baby

Baby has chosen to study the hydrodynamic pressure increase caused by plugging the opening of a water faucet with cheese and its effect on a stationary rubber ball. She's very advanced.


  1. Oh no! Those babies are in SOOO much danger. Stop the science madness!

  2. The Bionic Willow: WTF? is this photo taken inside a DOCTOR'S OFFICE? The ugly office chair with the vaccine contaminated rag over the back is a DEAD givaway. I can't believe you would stoop so low just to win a parody contest. You should be charged with child endangerment.

    The Baby Earthshod: Not too bad. I like your style, although I certainly hope your baby never sleeps in that Pack and Play. As we all know, co-sleeping is the only acceptable form of sleeping.

    River Raintree: Are those shoes vegan? They don't look vegan.

    The Baby Blueberry: HELLO PLASTIC PAIL!!! This is NOT organic gardening. You people...sigh...

    The Baby ZDogg: I feel so very sorry for that child. I hope it grows up to be as highly functioning as possible under the circumstances.

    The pH kid: and now you have contaminated the formerly pristine stream with that piece of chemical-filled science-paper. WAY TO WRECK THE PLANET!

    The Mama and Baby Excel: I don't get it. This person must work for big pharma.

    The Ball Baby: OMG! Is this a photo of baby Pop - the Swedish child whose parent's are practicing extreme gender-neutral parenting? You are the so inspiring and brave.

  3. Kinda disappointing that no experiments involved exposure to Ebola or radioactivity. Our senior research staph is diligently collating results. Winner soon to follow. Give us some time, for Gaea's sake.