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Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Open Letter to Mrs. BWF,

We, the women from your list, are willing to publicly address any questions or address any accusations you have with our actions. We feel the need to make some points.

A)   Mama Tao Jymson is not a homebirth loss mother but many of us are.  Mama Tao acts of her own will and is not on anyone’s payroll. In fact, all money made by The Mama Tao blog is donated to Doctors Without Borders to provide health care to third world countries.
B)    We at no time have bullied anyone. If you are willing to make these statements please provide proof of the e-mails we supposedly sent. However, an e-mail was allegedly sent out with our personal information on it accusing us of harassment. This could be considered defamation of character without proof. Mama Tao has never used Mrs. BWF’s real name, and her parody of her was merely of her ideas and not personal, thus constitutionally protected.
A)   Not a single one of us ever threatened Mrs. BWF or her family. We made no calls, e-mails, Private messages, texts, or drive-bys
B)   Disagreement with someone’s philosophies is in no way the same as harassment, especially when the disagreement happens in a public forum such as Facebook. We have made multiple attempts to engage in respectful polite exchange, but were immediately deleted. With a community of over 7000, editing out different opinions, even if they are against what you believe shows an unwillingness to provide both sides of an argument—the staple of education and knowledge.
C)   We would be more than willing to provide you with screen shots of our IP addresses as soon as pictures of the supposed bullying e-mails are provided to us.
D)   We in no way support anyone who would personally attack Mrs. BWF. While we do disagree and have a satire site that makes fun of ideas, we do not believe in ANY way in personal attacks on an individual or her children. We urge Mrs. BWF to report all threats to the proper authorities ASAP.

The Ladies from Your Blacklist

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