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Friday, May 13, 2011

True NATURE in Parenting.

We all know that it is our very very goal here at The Mama Tao to honor those of us who have made the ultimate sacrifice to NATURE. Women who have lost children should be honored, unless of course they are trying to use their tales of woe to scare and bully and attack other womyn!

There is only one was to react to loss in this cult group and that is to admit that you baby would have died no matter where it was.

With this is mind I would like to return you to a time when all women were as NATURAL as could be and had no other choice. Back in the day there were not Birthing Goddesses, merely success and failure. But not to dispare. I would like to show you a world where children were left to die as NATURE intended. Come with me friends as I show you the world as I would like to see it--a place to strive for and return to.

These brave and NATURAL parents of the lovely 1800s gave up three of their young children to "something" all in one year! How nice :D But wait...

Over the course of a few years they gave up three more! What NATURAL parents! Can we strive for this please? Can we, can we? But WAIT...

Count them. One. Two. Three. Four.
Here we have the Dobbins Family who lost 4 children ages 17-Birth! But who knows what might had happened. Perhaps they were all trampled by elephants from the traveling circus...over a period of 10 years?
Nope! Nothing but NATURE to thank for this little bit O' history.

Ladies, let American's graveyards be an inspiration to you as you birth your children at home or under a tree. Lets remember the parents who lost entire families as we refuse to vaccinate our kids. This is not sad! We are willingly returning ourselves to this!

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