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Friday, May 13, 2011

Placenta Crafts

A friend of mine on Facebook who shall not be named (Unless she wants to be) has turned me on to the newest methods of getting every little bit out of your placenta. Honoring your wonderful performance during the birth of that thing we are always failing to mention is a full time job!

So how can we do more with the placenta. We are already dragging it around attached to our babies until it rots off. After that we put it into pills and needles and eat/shoot it. And even after that we squat and poop it out in a freshly dug hole in our garden--that we plant a tree on top of! All this to remember our journey into motherhood--and our success in doing something that pretty much any woman can do--or die trying.

Dispite all this our friend has found a way to bond with out babies while simultaneously decorating our wardrobe and our home.

What would you say if I told you that this...

...was made entirely by a Mama, climbing up a ladder and sponge painting babies room--babe still attached. No nasty paint required as the placenta is full of it's own NATURAL paint. And if you should run out, most of us have a plethora of extra blood just waiting in our Diva Cups.  Our craftier says that, aside from the flies, the room is a loving and pleasant environment!

Our Next idea is even better because it's something that the whole family can enjoy.

That's right Mama! Just take that placenta, a new pack of all organic, cotton T-shirts and roll away! You can even make sure that Baby has one!

Our Mama craftier says, again with the flies, but otherwise a wonderful family craft. Just be sure never to wash these clothes....come you were going to anyway :P


  1. Great ideas!! But, I have to say that your craft mama sounds a bit elitist. What is wrong with flies?? They are totally natural. Most real and natural cultures live with a lot of flies, it's not a big deal. I see it as a badge of honor when flies show up, it proves I'm doing something right.

  2. Amen Stephanie! Flies are a good thing. They just tickle your face when you are trying to sleep.