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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Poem

I Saw You At the Park Today (Tell You Husband It's Weird For Him to Follow Me Through the Store: Lowes is Not Whole Foods, He Must have Been Confused)

I met you at Kung Fu and you seemed nice
Until we got into a fight over Weston A. Price.
I eat like a Caveman, right off of the tree,
just like they did in 16 B.C.E.

I will live longer than you or your kin.
It'll take 60 years to prove that I win.
But prove it I will. Prove it I must.
If I'm not always right I'll simply combust!

My Kids eat organic, Turds like giants.
My hubby's real smart, he majored in Science.
I can't argue well, it makes me twitch.
When I get proven wrong I'll just call you a bitch.

And delete you and block you and hide you away.
So I don't have to remember the truth, as you say.
I feel really negitive, you've ruiened my flare,
The shit that you say really gives me a scare.

~Jade Jymson~
For Ms. Annie A. Pants

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